AdaIC Available Ada Bindings Report - 1995

SECTION 5: Products Available from Vendors 

    Vendors are listed in alphabetical order. Click on a highlighted 
    letter to go directly to the vendor of your choice, OR perform a
    keyword search.
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Active Engineering Technologies, Inc.

Active Engineering Technologies, Inc.
948 South Santa Fe Avenue, Suite 282
Visra, CA 92084
POC: Jim Dorman
tel: 619/414-9001, x 1223
fax: 619/414-9192

Available Ada bindings for AETECH Ada compilers include: Microsoft Windows, PHIGS, POSIX, SQL (Supra), X-Windows (Motif, Open Look). Host/Target: 80386 (&
80486) PCs. IntegrAda for Windows/NT includes a binding for NT. AdaData is a binding to xBASE for MS-DOS systems.

The company also offers AdaUser and AdaGraphics libraries for Thomson (Alsys) compilers.

Advanced Technology Center

Advanced Technology Center
22982 Mill Creek Drive
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
POC: Ingrid Leon
tel: 714/583-9119 x208
fax: 714/583-9213

The Advanced Technology Center offers Ada bindings to GKS and to PHIGS and PHIGS PLUS for most UNIX-based and VMS platforms. These binding implementations run on most UNIX-based and VMS systems, and are supported by compilers from Active Engineering Technologies (AETECH), Rational (Meridian and Verdix), and Thomson (Alsys and TeleSoft).

The binding to GKS interfaces with ATC's GRAFPAK-GKS
it provides full access to level-2C functionality and is linked directly to the GKS internals. Host/Target: under UNIX, VAX under VMS.

The PHIGS binding supports a variety of PHIGS and PHIGS PLUS implementations - including TGS FIGARO, Evans and Sutherland PHIGS, graPHIGS, DEC PHIGS, and GRAFPAK-PHIGS. ATC's Ada binding to PHIGS PLUS provides the user with access to PEX libraries. Host/Target: under UNIX, VAX under VMS.

ATC has an Ada binding to Xlib, Xt, and OSF Motif for their AXI product. AXI is currently available for most UNIX-based platforms, and is supported by compilers from Thomson (Alsys and TeleSoft) and Rational (Meridian and Verdix).

AXI is an Ada-to-X-Window System interface that provides the Ada programmer access to the 500+ functions, libraries, and procedures contained in the X library (Xlib), the X Toolkit (Xt), the X Extensible Library, the X Miscellaneous Utilities, the Motif widget set, and the Motif Resource Manager.

AXI supports X11R4, X11R5, Motif 1.1, and Motif 1.2. AXI includes STARS-compatibility modules for Xlib, Xt, and Motif.


See Active Engineering Technologies.

Alsys, Inc.

See Thomson Software Products, Inc.

Competence Center Informatik GmbH (CCI)

Competence Center Informatik GmbH
Lohberg 10
49716 Meppen
POC: Andreas Koeller
tel: +49-5931-805-464
fax: +49-5931-805-100

Telex: 98676 cci d

The Competence Center Informatik GmbH (CCI) provides the CCI Ada SQL Handler (CASH), a commercial compiler for SAMeDL to support bindings between Ada and SQL.

In its current version, CASH supports Oracle 6.0 and 7.0 as RDBMS. Host/Target: IBM RS/6000 running AIX or Sun SPARCstation running SunOS or Solaris. Further host-environments and RDBMSs can be available on special request.

Computer Associates, Inc. [including Ingres]

Computer Associates, Inc.
1080 Marina Village Parkway
Alameda, CA 94501
tel: 510/769-1400
fax: 510/748-2545

Ingres Embedded SQL refers to SQL statements embedded in a host language such as Ada. The Ingres Embedded SQL statements available include almost all interactive SQL statements including statements for data definition and data manipulation. In addition, Embedded SQL contains a set of forms statements that allow you to develop forms-based applications.

All embedded SQL/FORMS (Oracle) and SQL statements are processed by the Embedded SQL preprocessor, which converts the statements into host-language source-code statements. These statements call a run-time library that provides the interface to Ingres. Host/Target: UNIX (some), VMS (all)

Concurrent Computer Corporation

Concurrent Computer Corporation
2 Crescent Place
Oceanport, NJ 07757 POC: Linda Lewis
tel: 908/870-4643

Concurrent's compiler targeting the MAXION Multiprocessing System includes bindings to POSIX 1003.5.

Convex Computer Corporation

Convex Computer Corporation
3000 Waterview Parkway
Richardson, TX 75083
POC: Sudy Bharadwaj
tel: 214/497-4000

Convex Computer Corporation currently offers a binding to GPEF and GPPF for Convex Ada, running under ConvexOS or ConvexOS/Secure on supercomputers as both host and target. They plan to implement bindings to POSIX and OSF Motif for the same machines and operating systems. Host/Target: Convex under OS, Convex under OS/Secure.


DDC-I, Inc.
410 North 44th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85008
POC: Jennifer Sanchez
tel: 602/275-7172

The DDC-I Ada Compiler System (DACS) for Ada 83 supports CIFO, NUMWG, VxWorks (networks, file system, etc.), POSIX, X11, LynxOS (networks, file system, etc.), and TCP/IP.

DACS for Ada 95 supports ASIS, Windows NT, and will reuse relevant Ada 83 bindings.

Digital Equipment Corporation

Digital Equipment Corporation
110 Spit Brook Road, MS: ZKO 2-2/O23,
Nashua, NH 03062
POC: Cathy Axel
tel: 603/881-1413
fax: 603/881-0883

Digital Equipment Corporation's DEC Ada product provides Ada bindings for GKS, PHIGS, SQL, and X, Motif - for DEC Ada on OpenVMS VAX, OpenVMS AXP Alpha, and DEC OSF/1 AXP Alpha Systems.

The Ada bindings are provided either as part of the compiler product (X, Motif) or the services/facilities that are provided by Digital and its suppliers. Host/Target: DEC VAX under OpenVMS
DEC Alpha under OpenVMS
and DEC Alpha under Digital UNIX.

Encore Computer Corporation

Encore Computer Corporation
6901 West Sunrise Boulevard - Mail Stop 719
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33313-4499
POC: Gary Beerman
tel: 305/587-2900 x2360
fax: 305/797-5546

Encore Computer Corporation provides Ada bindings to the Generic Package of Elementary Functions (GPEF) and the Generic Package of Primitive Functions (GPPF) in its Micro Ada Real-Time Executive (MicroARTE) and Parallel Ada Development System (PADS).

The MicroARTE product is one of several real-time execution environments available on the Encore 90 Family of computers. MicroARTE can be used to provide a real-time execution environment that directly controls processor resources, input/output systems, memory, interrupts, and other functions. MicroARTE eliminates the need to invoke conventional operating-system services and reduces system overhead. Real-time system performance and response are enhanced. Host/Target: Encore 91 under UMAX 3.0.

The PADS product combines a toolset based on the Verdix Ada Development system and Encore's multi-threaded parallel Ada run-time system to provide a complete environment for the development of Ada language applications.

PADS consists of a validated compiler, run-time libraries, a symbolic debugger, and a set of tools that aid in Ada program generation, analysis, and library management. PADS is hosted by the UMAX V operating system, combining UNIX computing with parallel run-time capabilities. Host/Target: Encore 91 under UMAX 3.0.

EVB Software Engineering, Inc.

EVB Software Engineering, Inc.
5303 Spectrum Drive
Frederick, MD 21701
POC: Patrick Wicker
tel: 800/877-1815
fax: 301/695-7734

The Generated Reusable Ada Modifiable Machine Interface (GRAMMI) is an Ada user-interface toolkit that supports construction of graphical user interfaces (GUIs) using the X-Windows system. GRAMMI's toolkit consists of a user-interface editor, a GRAMMI application environment, a software-generation utility, and a library of graphical components or widgets. With GRAMMI, a user interactively builds the required screens and generates necessary Ada code to implement the user interface. By interactively building the user interface, the developer can do rapid prototyping and evolutionary development of Ada user-interface software. Interfaces built using GRAMMI support all the features of Ada, including the use of multiple Ada tasks to manipulate the user-interface components without conflicts. Host/Target: Available on Sun4 (SPARC) using SunAda 1.11
on Silicon Graphics using SGI Ada 4.1
on HP 9000 using Alsys Ada
and on SCO UNIX using Alsys Ada.

Heragraph is a graphics framework that enables development of interactive 2D/3D graphics applications. Use of Heragraph's reusable graphical objects, Motif-style user-interface components, and application framework allows developers to concentrate on the application rather than the graphics primitives. Written in Ada, Heragraph provides a LISP interpreter to facilitate rapid prototyping. All of the Ada functionality of Heragraph is available from the LISP interpreter
however, the user is free to prototype strictly in Ada. The user interface for the application can be ported from X-Windows to DOS or vice versa by recompiling on the new platform. Host/Target: Available for 386- or 486-based PC with Alsys Ada
Sony NEWS with Alsys
Sun 4 (SPARC) with Alsys, SunAda, TeleSoft
and HP 9000/70 with TeleSoft.

Gallium Software, Inc. [formerly Prior Data Sciences]

Gallium Software, Inc.
303 Moodie Drive-Suite 4000
Nepean, Ontario
Canada K2H 9R4
POC: Peter Hanschke
tel: 613/721-0902
fax: 613/721-1278

Gallium Software's Prior GKS, is a high-level two-dimensional graphics-development toolkit. It conforms to the ISO GKS standard, and provides application and device portability. Prior GKS provides the performance and functionality required for applications such as command and control, computer-aided design and drafting, presentation graphics, and mapping.

This product conforms with the following standards: ISO 7942 and ISO 8651-3. Host/Target: Interactive UNIX, SPARC station as hosts
Interactive UNIX, SunOS as target.

Harris Computer Systems Corporation

Harris Computer Systems Corporation
2101 West Cypress Creek Road
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33399
POC: Marketing Information Services
tel: 800/666-4544, ext 5555
fax: 305/977-5580

The Harris Ada Programming Support Environment (HAPSE) includes the validated (ACVC 1.11) Harris Ada compiler (Harris Ada v7.1.1 - Night Hawk 4000, 5000
Harris Ada v2.1 - Night Hawk 6000). Selected Ada bindings are available for POSIX.1b (thin/direct), POSIX.5, and X/Motif (optional)
also for Unix sockets, real-time services, curses, etc. Bindings for ASIS and POSIX.5b are planned.

The HAPSE also includes library management tools, automated build utilities, the Ada Real-time Multiprocessor System (ARMS), real-time tasking monitor, real-time tracing, real-time data monitoring, pretty printer, static/dynamic code profiler, selective linker, and the NightView multi-language, real-time, symbolic debugger.

Host/target: Harris Night Hawk 4000 series (Motorola 88100) running B1-secure and/or Real-time Unix (Harris CX/UX)
Harris Night Hawk 5000 series (Motorola 88110) running B1-secure and/or Real-time Unix (Harris CX/UX)
and Harris Night Hawk 6000 series (PowerPC 604) running B2-secure and/or Real-time Unix (Harris PowerUNIX)


See references for LegacyAda under OC Systems, Inc.

Ingres Corporation

See Computer Associates, Inc.

Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. (ICS)

Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc.
201 Broadway
Cambridge, MA 02139
POC: Christopher D. Eveleigh, Product Manager
tel: 617/621-0060
fax: 617/621-9555

The ICS Ada Xcessories provide Ada programmers with the ability to use a graphical user interface builder to build screens. Application developers can use them to build OSF/Motif user interfaces for Ada applications. The ICS Ada Xcessories conform to the STARS bindings recommended by Paramax/STARS.

The ICS Ada Xcessories include BX/Ada, OSF/Motif, and Ada/Motif.

Builder Xcessory (BX) is an interactive graphical tool for building and prototyping OSF/Motif-based user interfaces. BX/Ada generates portable, royalty-free Ada code that does not require any additional run-time libraries. A pull-down menu option allows generation of Ada code in a single step. BX/Ada is supported on Sun 4 OS 4.1.x, and Solaris 2.3+, and requires the Ada/Motif bindings.

ICS Ada/Motif provides developers with Ada access to the OSF/Motif libraries, and also to the lower-level X libraries.

ICS Ada/Motif corresponds to the standard X and standard OSF/Motif toolkit. ICS Ada/Motif handles tasking issues with the preference package. This package allows the developer to serialize access to the X Window System environment. If the developer uses this package along with the X subroutines, events for handling tasking/blocking will be managed by the bindings. A run-time configurable technology selectable through the preference package also helps to control memory leakage.

OSF/Motif is the standard graphical user interface from the Open Software Foundation (OSF). ICS OSF/Motif includes all the enhancements of the latest release from OSF, plus additional bug fixes and testing.

Host/target: Sun4 (Sparc) version 4.1.x, with SunAda and Rational Apex compilers
and Sun4 (Sparc) under Solaris 2.3+, with SunAda and Rational Apex compilers.

Intermetrics, Inc.

Intermetrics, Inc.
733 Concord Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138
POC: Bill Zimmerman
tel: 617/661-1840
fax: 617/868-2843

Intermetrics offers a SAMeDL compiler that provides an Ada binding to SQL. When using the SAMeDL compiler, the user describes the interface in the SQL Ada Module Description Language, and then invokes the compiler to generate all necessary Ada code and interfacing software.

Because SAMeDL provides a flexible and portable way to interface Ada with SQL applications, it is a requirement for several DoD programs, including LCU, CHS-2 and I-CASE. It is an ISO standard (12227:95).

The SAMeDL compiler is hosted on a variety of UNIX-based workstations and personal computers. It has been targeted to several DBMSs, including Sybase, Informix, Oracle, and AdaSAGE, and is supported by Verdix and Alsys compilers. Intermetrics will provide tailoring to adapt it to any host platform and any SQL-compliant DBMS. Host/Target: 386/486 PC under UNIX, HP 9000 under DOS, Sun SPARC under UNIX, RS-6000 under UNIX.

Irvine Compiler Corporation

Irvine Compiler Corporation
34 Executive Park, Suite 270
Irvine, CA 92714
POC: Joe Kolhi
tel: 714/250-1366, ext. 210

ICC Ada supports bindings to X-Windows, MOTIF, PHIGS, Informix, and a C interface for both in and out parameters. Bindings to other resources, such as Sybase, Oracle, Cadre, etc., are supported using the C-interface binding.

MassTech, Inc.

MassTech, Inc.
3108 Hillsboro Road
Huntsville, AL 35805
POC: MassTech, Inc.
tel: 205/539-8360
fax: 205/533-673

MassTech's MathPack provides a binding to the Generic Package of Elementary Functions (GPEF). MathPack is an Ada mathematical library that provides more than 350 mathematical subprograms in 20+ generic Ada packages. These subprograms provide solutions to a broad range of mathematical problems including linear systems, eigensystems, differential equations, integration, interpolation, transforms, special functions, elementary functions, polynomials, basic linear algebra, random numbers, probability, and statistics. In addition, there are packages defining data types, numerical, physical and chemical constants. The subprograms in MathPack are based on proven numerical algorithms, such as LINPACK for linear systems, EISPACK for eigensystems, and QUADPACK for integration.

Host/Target: Convex under UNIX, DEC/VAX under VMS, Digital under Ultrix, Digital under VMS, IBM under UNIX, Silicon Graphics under UNIX, Sun under UNIX, IBM and compatible under DOS.

Objective Interface Systems, Inc.

Objective Interface Systems, Inc.
1895 Preston White Drive, Suite 250
Reston, VA 22091-5448
POC: Phil Carrasco
tel: 800/800-6477

fax: 703/264-1721

Screen Machine is an environment for designing, prototyping, coding, testing, and maintaining user interfaces for Ada applications. Screen Machine versions provide portability across diverse hardware architectures, Ada compilers, and presentation environments (e.g., X/Motif, Windows 3.1, and character mode).

Ada_SQL_Connect is an Ada Application Program Interface (API) plus an Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC) driver pack integrated within an Ada development environment. Ada_SQL_Connect products are planned for release in early 1996. OPerating systems supported are Microsoft Windows, Windows NT, and Solaris 2.3
other versions to follow.

Among the supported database drivers available are: ALLBASE, Btrieve, Clipper, DB2, DB2/2, DB2/6000, dBASE, Microsoft Excell.XLS files, FoxBase, FoxPro, Gupta SQLBase, IMAGE/SQL, Informix, Ingres, Microsoft SQL Server, Netware SQL, Oracle 6 and 7, Paradox, Progress, SQL/400, SQL/DS, Sybase System 10, Sybase SQL Server, Teradata, text files, and XBD

OIS also develops, maintains, and supports two Sybase products: OpenClient/Ada and Ada Workbench.

OC Systems, Inc.

OC Systems, Inc.
9990 Lee Highway, Suite 270
Fairfax, VA 22030-1720
POC: Ralph E. Crafts
tel: 703/359-8160
fax: 703/359-8161

The OC Systems LegacyAda/370 product is the designated replacement product for IBM Ada/370.

The OC Systems LegacyAda/370 product provides bindings to SQL and the Customer Information Control System (CICS - an IBM transaction-processing system).

LegacyAda/370 consists of an Ada83 language compiler and a run-time library for use on various IBM MVS and VM/CMS operating systems. The LegacyAda/370 product's development environment aids include: s a source-level debugger (optionally with windowing when using IBM Graphical Data Display Manager Licensed Program for either MVS or VM), a configurable source-code formatter to assist in enforcing project coding standards, a dependency lister, a non-intrusive performance profiler, a cross-reference utility, and an Ada library-management capability. Ada/370 programs can call VS COBOL II subprograms similar to the calling of VS FORTRAN, C/370, and S/370 assembler subprograms
Ada/370 exported subprograms can be called from VS COBOL II, VS FORTRAN, C/370, AND S/370 assembler programs. Additionally, separate features support interoperation with other major database and transaction-processing subsystems.

One such feature of LegacyAda/370, called the SQL Module Processor for DB2 Database Manager, supports the procedural binding of Ada and SQL. Another such feature of LegacyAda/370, called the CICS Module Processor/MVS, supports the procedural binding of Ada and CICS, including CICS/OS/VS, CICS/MVS and CICS/ESA. Ada applications can be built using the combined features of the CICS Module Processor/MVS and the SQL Module Processor.

Host/Target: LegacyAda/370 runs on the IBM 30XX, 43XX, 937X and ES/9000 family processors, which are supported by the following operating systems:

1. VM/System Product (VM/SP) Release 5 or 6 with or without High Performance Option (HPO).
2. VM/Extended Architecture System Product (VM/XA SP) Release 2
3. VM/Enterprise Systems Architecture (VM/ESA) Release 1
4. MVS/SP-JES2 Version 2 Release 2 (MVS/XA)
5. MVS/SP-JES3 Version 2 Release 2 (MVS/XA)
6. MVS/SP-JES2 Version 3 Release 1 (MVS/ESA)
7. MVS/SP-JES3 Version 3 Release 1 (MVS/ESA)
8. MVS/ESA-JES2 Version 4 Release 1 or 2 (MVS/ESA)
9. MVS/ESA-JES3 Version 4 Release 1 or 2 (MVS/ESA)

Note: All of the above Operating Environments are supported in 31-bit addressing mode with the exception of VM/System Product (VM/SP) Release 5 and 6, which are restricted to 24-bit addressing.

OC Systems LegacyAda/6000 is the designated replacement product for the IBM AIX Ada licensed program. It provides an Ada83 compilation system for AIX 3.2 and 4.1 on the RS/6000 and PowerPC 601, and is fully source-compatible with the IBM Ada AIX product.

OC Systems LegacyAda/6000 product includes bindings to the AIX Math library (libm.a) and the X11 library of AIXWindows (libX11.a, libXext.a)

In addition, ASIS 1.0 bindings to the LegacyAda/6000 program library are available.

OC Systems PowerAda/6000 is the next generation of Ada tools for the RS/6000 and PowerPC. It supports both Ada 83 and an increasing subset of Ada 95, with Ada95 validation anticipated by the end of 1995. PowerAda is a complete Ada development environment that includes program analysis, reverse-engineering, and real-time debugging tools.

In addition to the bindings available for LegacyAda, PowerAda includes:

- A full implementation of the POSIX Ada bindings (IEEE 1003.5-1992), and POSIX-conformant Ada I/O packages.

- an IDL-to-Ada-95 translator integrated with IBM's SOM product.

- precompiled Ada 95 bindings to the entire SOM library using the above translator

- AdaXlibXt - see "
Available for ftp"

Third-party products: The following X Window products have been integrated with OC Systems' compilers: AdaMotif, from Systems Engineering Research Corp (SERC)
Screen Machine, from Objective Interface Systems (OIS)
and XinAda, from TopGraph'X.

Available for downloading: On the Internet, the following may be downloaded via anonymous ftp from

- pub/bindings/AdaXlibXt/*

Ada83 bindings to X11R5 Xlib and Xt libraries. These were developed by SERC and made available to the public under the GNU Public License (GPL), and adapted to OC Systems LegacyAda and PowerAda products by SERC and OC Systems. These are included on the PowerAda CD-ROM, but are also compatible with LegacyAda.

- pub/bindings/cbind/*

This is a public-domain tool to generate Ada83 from C header files. The version available here has been adapted to the LegacyAda and PowerAda products by OC Systems. Improvement to the cbind tool by its authors and OC Systems is ongoing.

Oracle Corporation

Oracle Corporation
500 Oracle Parkway, MS 659413
Redwood Shores, CA 94065
POC: Peter Vasterd
tel: 415/506-6515
fax: 415/506-7203

Oracle Corporation's Pro*Ada is an SQL/Ada binding that is 100% compliant with the FIPS 127-1 standard for embedded SQL/Ada bindings. Pro*Ada includes both an ANSI standard pre-compiler for SQL and an ORACLE dependent call interface. Programmers can develop systems using either the pre-compiler or the call interface or both. Host/Target: Validated from Digital Equipment Corp. (DECAda), Rational (Verdix), and Thomson (Alsys and TeleSoft) will support Pro*Ada for the following machines as both host and target: IBM RS/6000 (Rational/Verdix Ada)
SCO (Thomson/Alsys Ada)
SGI Irix (Rational/Verdix Ada)
HP (Thomson/Alsys Ada)
DEC Ultrix (Rational/Verdix Ada)
T 3B2 R3 (Rational/Verdix Ada)
88open (Rational/Verdix Ada (Motorola 88K and DG Aviion))
and SunOS (SunAda).

Rational Software Corporation [including Verdix]

Rational Software Corporation
2800 San Tomas Expressway
Santa Clara, CA 95051-0951
tel: 800/728-1212

fax: 408/496-3636

Rational's Apex environment provides Ada binding to ASIS and to X-Windows (ASF Motif). Rational Apex is an integrated, interactive software-engineering environment for lifecycle control of software projects. It features an editor, compiler, debugging tools, and a system of configuration management and version control. It is the foundation of an integrated Rational product family that also includes support for analysis and design, requirements traceability automatic documentation generation, automated testing, and postdeployment maitenance.

Host/Target: DEC Alpha under Digital Unix, Hewlett-Packard under HP-UX, IBM RS/6000 under AIX, Sun SPARC under Solaris and SunOS as host
targets any third-party platform and operating system.

VADS AXI provides an Ada binding to the full Motif, Xt, and Xlib libraries. The product works with user-supplied Motif 1.1 and X11R4 libraries regardless of source. Host/Target: DEC Alpha under Digital Unix, IBM RS6000 under AIX, ix86 under Solaris, SGI under IRIX, SunSPARC under Solaris, Sun-4 under SunOS, Sys V386 under ISC UNIX, Sys V386 under SCO UNIX.

VADS is a complete Ada Compiler System offering a validated Ada compiler with chapter 13 support. Rational supplies VADSself and VADScross. VADSself provides a complete toolset for self-targeted applications. It interfaces to databases, windowing systems and program-management tools. VADScross provides real-time support for host-to-target system development. Host/Target: DEC Alpha under Digital Unix, HP 9000 Series 7/8000 under HP-UX, IBM RISC System/6000 under AIX, SCO Systems V/386 (ABI) under UNIX, Sun SPARC systems under UNIX.

R.R. Software, Inc.

R.R. Software, Inc.
P.O. Box 1512
Madison, WI 53701-1512
POC: Ian Goldberg
tel: 608/251-3133
fax: 608/251-3340

R.R. Software, Inc.'s Janus/Ada Windows Toolkit provides the capability of writing Ada programs that are Microsoft Windows applications. Janus/Ada Ada 95 is available for DOS, Windows NT and Windows 95.

The Janus/Ada Windows Toolkit provides full support to each of three levels of interfaces to Windows. At the lowest level, it provides complete binding to the Windows API. At the intermediate level, it provides an Ada Windows binding for most operations in a form that is more natural to Ada programmers than native Windows API. At the highest level, the Toolkit provides complete support for the standard Ada input/output libraries, allowing existing Ada programs to be recompiled as Windows applications without modification. Modifications to add menus, etc., to applications can be accomplished with Janus/Ada Windows. Host/Target: Intel-based PC under DOS, MS Windows.

Silicon Graphics, Inc.

Silicon Graphics, Inc.
2011 North Shoreline Boulevard
Mountain View, 94039-1398
POC: Michael Stebbins
tel: 415/933-1676
fax: 415/390-6218

Silicon Graphics, Inc.'s (SGI's) MP/Ada 6.2 provides a multiprocess Ada development system built using the POSIX-compliant threads model for Ada tasking. A joint engineering development between Rational (Verdix) and SGI, MP/Ada is designed to permit full use of SGI's multiprocessor technology and symmetric multiprocessing operating system.

Ada tasks are mapped one-to-one with POSIX-compliant threads. These threads are executed dynamically by a pool of kernel processes that are further scheduled on all available processors (an M-by-N mapping).

Since each task can be bound to an independent kernel process, all of SGI's REACT (realtime extensions to IRIX) capabilities are accessible to Ada programs. Host/Target: SGI systems under IRIX 4.0.5, IRIX 5.0.1, IRIX 5.1, IRIX 5.2, and IRIX 5.3.

SGI's Developer Magic Ada95 has been integrated with its ProDev WorkShop and includes bindings to all Silicon Graphics libraries, including OpenGL, Performer, Media Library, and Open Inventor.

Developer Magic Ada95 is designed to permit full use of SGI's multiprocessor technology and symmetric multiprocessing operating system.

Ada95 tasks are mapped one-to-one with POSIX-compliant threads. These threads are executed dynamically by a pool of kernel processes that are further scheduled on all available processors (an M-by-N mapping).

Since each task can be bound to an independent kernel process, all of SGI's REACT (realtime extensions to IRIX) capabilities are accessible to Ada95 programs. Host/Target: SGI systems under IRIX 5.3 and IRIX 6.1

SL Corporation

SL Corporation
240 Tamal Vista Boulevard
Corte Madera, CA 94926
POC: Mike Meagher
tel: 415/927-1724
fax: 415/927-0878

SL Corporation provides Ada binding support for its SL-GMS toolkit.

SL-GMS is a toolkit for developing dynamic graphics screens for real-time or highly interactive applications. Non-programmers can design application screens in a standard drawing-tool mode, connect them to real-time data sources and animate screen objects to visualize changing data values. SL-GMS allows the design of custom "
to input values or control the application and supports Motif, Open Look, and other X toolkit widgets.

SL-GMS is used to provide real-time graphics for applications in the fields of manufacturing, process control, network management, avionics, and financial tracking.

Host/Target: Validated Verdix and DEC compilers support SL-GMS for the following machines as both host and target: DEC-DECstation/ULTRIX 4.0
DEC-VAXstation/ULTRIX 4.0
DEC-VAXstation/VMS 5.4
DEC-VAXstation/VMS 5.5
DEC Alpha PCs/Windows NT
PC-386/System 5.4
Sun-3/SunOS 4.1
SunSPARC/SunOS 4.1 and Solaris
88 Open/BCS Compliant
and Intel PCs/Windows NT.

Sunrise Software International

Sunrise Software International
170 Enterprise Center
Middletown, RI 02840
POC: Frederick Sells
tel: 401/847-7868
fax: 401/847-7879

Sunrise Software International's product, ezX, is a rapid application-development tool that automates the creation of graphical user interfaces for OSF/Motif and generates C, UIL, or Ada. ezX provides WYSIWYG screen layout
an easy-to-learn API, and user-extensible dialog-management box.

A prototype can be developed, and using a script language similar to Hypertalk, demonstrated to end-users before the code is written. Then portable Ada, C, or UIL can be generated automatically. Ada bindings are provided. The ezX API simplifies the application program, and eliminates the need to learn the Motif API. ezX also supports direct interfaces from the GUI widgets to another application or hardware device, without programming the callback functions. After the application has been completed and tested, the GUI can still be modified without recompiling (and retesting) the application. Host/Target: Available on Sun, SCO, IBM, DEC (including VMS), HP, SGI.

Systems Engineering Research Corporation (SERC)

Systems Engineering Research Corporation (SERC),
935B Sierra Vista Avenue
Mountain View, CA 94043
POC: Richard Henault
tel: 800-Ada-SERC or 415/962-8092
fax: 415/962-0330

SERC's Ada/Motif is a complete binding to X Windows and OSF/Motif for the Ada programming language
it was based in part upon the SAIC/Unisys (STARS) public-domain bindings
it incorporates many of the bug fixes and additional capabilities beyond the public-domain releases in Ada/Motif. Most noteworthy are the capabilities included in Ada/Motif for Ada tasking, callback registration, memory leak detection/prevention and capabilities for developing customized widgets. Paramax/STARS considers Ada/Motif to be the commercial version of their STARS bindings, according to SERC.

Ada/Motif Version 1.1 (X11R4) and Ada/Motif Version 2.0 (X11R5) are supported by the Thomson (Alsys), Rational (Verdix), Sun (SunAda), IBM Ada, and SGI Ada compilers.

Host/Target: Sun (SPARC), SunOS 4.1.1, Solaris 2.x, HP 300/400, HP 9000/700, HPUX 8.0, 9.0, IBM RS/6000, IBM AIX 3.2, 3.2.5 SGI, IRIX 4.0.1, 4.0.5, 5.0.x 386/486, SCO 3.2. (Custom ports available on special quotation.)

Thomson Software Products, Inc. [formerly Alsys, Inc.]

Thomson Software Products, Inc.
10251 Vista Sorrento Parkway, Suite 300
San Diego, CA 92121
POC: Marianne Worley
tel: 619/457-2700, x244

Thomson currently provides support for ASIS in its TRIAD System. The TRIAD system is an Ada realtime development environment, used in conjunction with the RISCAda and TeleGen2 product lines. Besides an optimizing Ada compiler, TRIAD includes tools such as source-level debugger, profiler, source formatter, automatic builders, cross-referencer, library manager and tools, and a linker that excludes unused subprograms.

Thomson currently has Ada bindings to POSIX, X-Windows (OSF Motif), and the Generic Package of Elementary Functions for the Alsys Ada Software Development Environment, running on 386 UNIX 386/486-based machines supported as both host and target and running 386/ix or SCO UNIX. They are also planning a binding to SQL for 386/486 machines. Host/Target: 386/486 PC under IX UNIX, 386/486 PC under SCO UNIX.

The Alsys Ada Software Development Environment for 386 UNIX is a production-quality Ada environment capable of handling very large Ada applications (over 500,000 lines of code). The product includes the Compiler
Multi-Library Environment, which provides a powerful and flexible way to manage Ada development effort and share program units
Binder, which supports unused subprograms elimination
High- and Low-Level Optimizers for improving code quality and performance
and Run-Time Executive for efficient support for executing Ada programs. Also included is the Developer's Toolset including: Ada Probe, a symbolic source-level debugger and program viewer
AdaXref, a cross-reference generator
AdaMake, a recompilation aid
AdaReformat, a source reformatter.

Thomson currently has bindings to the Generic Package of Elementary Functions and to X-Windows (OSF Motif) for the Alsys Ada Development Environment for the IBM RS/6000 running on any RISC System/6000 machine as both host and target and running IBM's AIX operating system (Thomson's validated Ada compiler #910809W1.11195). Thomson also plans to develop a POSIX binding for the RS/6000. Host/Target: RISC System/6000 under AIX.

The Alsys Ada Software Development Environment for the IBM RS/6000 is a production-quality Ada environment capable of handling very large Ada applications. Hosted on and targeted to the IBM RS/6000 workstation under IBM's AIX operating system, the product includes the Compiler
Multi-Library Environment, which provides a powerful and flexible way to manage Ada development efforts and share program units
Run-Time Executive
and both a High- and Low-Level Optimizer for improving code quality and performance. Also included is the Alsys Ada Toolset including Ada Probe, symbolic source-level debugger and program viewer
AdaXref, cross-reference generator
AdaMake, recompilation aid
and AdaReformat, source reformatter.

Thomson currently has bindings to the Generic Package of Elementary Functions and to OSF/Motif for the Alsys Ada Software Development Environment running on any SPARC-based Workstation as both host and target and running SunOS or SunView. Host/Target: SPARC under SunOS.

The Alsys Ada Software Development Environment for SPARC Workstations is a production-quality Ada environment capable of handling very large Ada applications. Hosted on any SPARC-based workstation under SunOS or SunView, the product includes the Compiler (with High- and Low-Level Optimizers)
Binder, which supports unused subprogram elimination
Multi-Library system (Family, Library, and Unit Managers), which provides a powerful and flexible way to manage Ada development efforts and share program units
AdaExec real-time executive, for complete and efficient support for executing Ada programs
and ISO-standard mathematical library. Also included is the Alsys Ada Toolset including AdaProbe, symbolic source-level debugger and program viewer
AdaXref, cross-reference generator
AdaMake, recompilation aid
and AdaReformat, source reformatter.

Thomson's RISC Ada/SPARC includes an X-Window-based GUI, an optimizing Ada compiler, library manager and tools, the AdaTracer source-level debugger, the ARCS 2.0 Toolbox with graphical system browser, language-sensitive editor and other integrated tools, a dynamic application profiler for isolating performance bottlenecks and Ada bindings to Xview and POSIX. Optionally available are interfaces to X, OSF/Motif, Sybase, Oracle, and TCP/IP.

Thomson's TeleGen2 Ada Host Development Systems include an Ada compiler with global optimizer, source-level debugger, profiler for dynamic analysis, source formatter, cross-reference, automatic system builders, library manager and tools, etc. Also included are interfaces to standards: POSIX, MacIntosh toolbox (Mac only), Sunview (Sun only), and NUMWG math libraries.

Thomson's TeleUSE/Ada automates the creation of OSF/Motif graphical user interfaces for Ada applications. It includes a special version of the TeleUse User Interface Management System - which generates Ada source code - and Ada bindings to the TeleUSE run-time routines.

TeleUse/Ada tools allow a GUI to be prototyped and designed using a WYSIWYG editor and a PDL, and also includes tools for debugging, generating production code and maintaining the GUI. TeleUse/Ada can save the developer up to 90 percent of the time required to hand code X Window System GUIs. Host/Target: SPARC under UNIX, Sun-4 under UNIX.

Thomson's TeleWindows is a set of Ada bindings to the X Window System and OSF/Motif. This includes Xlib, XT, X extensions Library, XT+, X miscellaneous utilities, Motif widget set, XM, MWM, Motif resource manager. It supports X-11 R4 and is not based on the public domain version. It closely follows the C Xlib syntax and allows Ada applications to co-exist with C applications. Host/Target: IBM System/370 under VM/CMS.

Thomson's product RISCAda includes a graphical debugger (AdaTracer), a productivity tool box (ARCS 2.0), a highly optimized Ada compilation engine and bindings to government and industry standards. Bindings currently available include POSIX, SQL, OSF/Motif, and Open Look. Ada bindings are available for GKS, PHIGS, and TCP/IP. It is supported by the TeleGen2 OCT compiler for SPARC stations. Host/Target: SPARC workstations under Solaris 2.1 and SunOS 4.1 and above.

Top Graph'X

Top Graph'X
10 Allee de la Mare Jacob
91290 La Norville
POC: Jean-Claude Mahieux , Manager
tel: +(33) 1-69 26 97 88
fax: +(33) 1-69 26 97 89

XInAda is not merely "
a binding to X Windows"
. Rather, it is an Ada implementation of X Windows, giving access to the X-Window System for application programs written in Ada. All XInAda software is written completely in Ada.

XInAda-xlibv is a full Ada implementation of the MIT X11 core protocol. It is an Ada equivalent to the MIT C Xlib library available on most UNIX machines. Each Xlib routine has its corresponding facility within XInAda-Xlib. Syntax and procedure names have been chosen to match as closely as possible the original MIT implementation, easing the port of Ada applications previously interfaced with the C Xlib. Supported protocol revisions: 11.4, 11.5, and later.

XInAda-Pexlib is a full Ada implementation of the PEX-5R1 protocol (X Consortium). Its typing is inherited from the PHIGS-Ada norm (ISO 9593-3). It gives direct access to the full set of the Pex facilities. Supported protocol revisions: 5.0P and 5.1P.

XinAda-Widgets is a full Ada implementation of the OSF/Motif widget set. It is based on XinAda-Toolkit and XinAda Xlib
all OSF/Motif widget classes are supported (end of 1994 Q2 release), UIM andMrm also (late 1994). Supported revision: 1.2 of OSF/Motif.

Host/Target: Major compilers are supported, both native and cross-compilation systems
native systems: Unix, VMS, LYNX, DOS, Windiws NT, OSF1
network transport: TCP/IP, DECNet
network transport for cross-compilers: Thomson (Alsys) AdaConnect and TeleAdaLAN.

(For Thomson (Alsys) compilers, XinAda is also available from Thomson.)


See Thomson Software Products, Inc.

WPL Laboratories, Inc.

WPL Laboratories, Inc.
Whitehall Offices - Suite 6
410 Lancaster Avenue
Haverford, PA 19041
POC: William Loftus
tel: 610/658-2362, -2364
fax: 610/658-2361

WPL Laboratories' AdaGPIB is an Ada device driver for the National Instruments AT-GPIB IEEE-488 board. It is completely implemented in Ada on the IBM PC, supports Alsys Ada, and provides Ada application control of the GPIB and connected devices. Transfer of data is done using direct memory access (DMA)
it bypasses DOS by directly communicating with the bare 488 board
it provides support for all GPIB commands. Host/Target: Thomson (Alsys) 5.1 on the PC/NI-AT-GPIB board on the PC.

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