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Available Ada Bindings

  • Freely Available Ada Bindings
    An AdaIC flyer with links to freely available Ada bindings and bindings products on the Internet. (updated June 1999)

Ada Bindings -- Reports

  • POSIX/Ada Real-Time Bindings Documents
    A series of reports on the POSIX/Ada Real-Time bindings including: The POSIX/Ada Real-Time Binding Project Final Report - 1995; The GNARL Implementation of POSIX/Ada Signal Services; Serial I/O and Interrupt Support for a POSIX Threads Kernel; GNAT/DWARF Development Project; A Prototype Implementation of the POSIX/Ada Real-time Extension; and MiThOS - A Real-Time Micor-Kernel Threads Operating System.

  • AdaIC Available Bindings Report
    An authoritative reference that describes the status of the major standards and bindings available to Ada programmers, provides a list of relevant reusable resources, and lists vendors supporting commercial implementations. (October 1996)

  • AJPO Bindings Report
    A rationale for investments in Ada bindings that can increase the use of Ada 95 in the government and commercial sectors. (August 1995)

Ada Bindings -- Papers

  • Interoperable Heterogeneous Data Access with CORBA and Ada 95
    A paper on the importance that CORBA and Ada 95 will play in the Defense Intelligence Agency's (DIA) Modernized Integrated Database (MIDB) program and the Central Imagery Office's (CIO) Common Imagery Interoperability Facility (CIIF).

  • FIRM: An Ada Binding to ODMG-93 1.2
    Updated on July 29, 1998 in .pdf format - A paper presented by Michael Card at STC '96 describing an Ada binding used by Wright Laboratory's Functionally Integrated Resource Manager (FIRM) program in developing an object-oriented database (ODBMS) for real-time avionics applications.


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