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  • Commercial Ada Users Working Group (CAUWG)
    CAUWG periodically surveys usage of Ada outside the military world, promotes visibility of significant commercial-domain Ada experiences, and supports advancement of effective methods for using Ada in the commercial domain. CAUWG is also the home of SIGAda's "Ada Awareness Initiative" to work with the government and vendors to promote the benefits of Ada in commercial domains ripe for increased Ada usage. CAUWG also serves as a forum for discussion and review of language-related features and packages for Information Systems applications.

  • Numerics Working Group (NUMWG)
    Develops proposed standard numerics packages in Ada.

  • Software Development Standards and Ada (SDSAWG)
    Concerned with finding software-development standards that block good Ada software-development practices and to identify and recommend corrections and work-arounds for those blocks.

  • Standards Working Group (WG)
    SIGAda's liaison to Ada language maintenance activities.


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