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The Ada 95 Standard: Language Reference Manual & Rationale

This archive site contains older versions of these documents. For the most recent versions, click here to visit the current Ada Information Clearinghouse site.

  • Annotated Ada 95 Language Reference Manual (AARM)
    Intended primarily for compiler writers, validation test writers, and others who wish to study the fine details, the AARM contains all of the text and various annotations in the Ada 95 LRM.
    .txt, .ps, .zip

Ada 95 Guidelines: Style-Guide, Adoption Handbook, & Transition Planning

Ada 95 Study Notes, Comments, & Information Flyers

  • Language Study Notes (LSN) for Ada 95
    An index of files.
  • Ada 95 Mapping/Revision Team Comments
    An archive of daily mail sent to the ada9x-mrt, from 1992 to the present.
  • Ada Issues
    All Ada issues including those issues: approved by ARG and WG9; approved by ARG but possibly subject to editorial review or letter ballot; not yet approved by ARG; whose class is 'binding interpretation', 'ramification', and 'confirmation', whatever their status.
  • Introducing Ada 95
    An AdaIC flyer on Ada 95, the world's first and only internationally standardized OOP language.



Last Updated: 12/8/99