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An Index of the Ada 9X Study Notes:

Implementation Modules
Note to the reader (September 1993): Much of the material in these implementation modules is out of date. Please refer to the most recent (Annotated) Ada 9X Reference Manual (version 3.0) for the definition of the semantics for the features. However, many of the implementation models suggested still apply, even though the definitions of the features have been improved and tightened over the past two years. Note that the "MI"s (Mapping Issues) referenced are not widely available, but the relevant material has all been extracted either into the various Ada 9X Rationale documents or the Annotated Ada 9X Reference Manual.
Implementation Module I
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Implementation Modules II-IV
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Mapping Specifications
Ada 9X Snapshot of Mapping Specification Prior To Revision
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Language Study Notes - 
LSN-001  thru  LSN-048
Language Study Notes - 
LSN-1030  thru  LSN-1084
(LSN-001) Hierarchical Libraries (HL) (LSN-1030) Extensible Protected Types
(LSN-002) Priorities, Interrupts, and Mutual-Exclusion (LSN-1031) Tag Propagation and Dispatching
(LSN-003) Reliance on the Protected Record State (LSN-1032) Standard event queue package
(LSN-004) Priority Inheritance Mechanisms (LSN-1033-mrt) Multiple Inheritance on Ada 9X
(LSN-005) Interrupt handlers as Protected Procedures (LSN-1034) User-defined Task Attributes
(LSN-006) Types, Classes, and Operations (LSN-1035) Operator Visibility in Ada 9X
(LSN-007) Implicit Conversions and Class-Wide Operations (LSN-1036) With-private Proposal in Ada 9X
(LSN-008) Generic Formal Packages (LSN-1037) Preference Rules in Ada 9X
(LSN-009) Enumeration Extension and Tagged Elementary Types (LSN-1038) Deferred Constants of Any Type
(LSN-010) Simplifying the OOP proposals (LSN-1039) Static Expressions in Ada 9X
(LSN-011) Ada 9X Real Accuracy Model (LSN-1040) Task Identification in Ada 9X
(LSN-012) "Ripple" Effect, Preference rules, etc. (LSN-1041) Library Unit Elaboration in Ada 9X
(LSN-013) Decimal and Ada 9X (LSN-1042) Accessibility Checks in Generics
(LSN-014) The Interaction Between Access Types And Universal Tagged Types (LSN-1043) Limited Function Results in Ada 9X
(LSN-015) Implicit conversion and inheritance (LSN-1044) Task Parameterization in Ada 9X
(LSN-016) Summary of revised OOP-related rules (LSN-1045) Tagged Types and Object-Oriented Programming in Ada 9X
(LSN-017) Access Types and OOP; dispatching; by-ref param passing; etc. (LSN-1046) Finalization in Ada 9X
(LSN-018) General Access Types (LSN-1047) Simplifications of Protected Objects
in Ada 9X
(LSN-019) Generalized Discriminants (LSN-1048) Requeue Statements Simplifications
(LSN-020) Stream input/output (LSN-1049) ATC Simplifications
(LSN-021) OOP-Based Object Finalization (LSN-1050) Access Discriminants in Ada 9X
(LSN-022) Static A-B-E Checking (LSN-1051) Choices for Complex Arithmetic
(LSN-023) Primitive Visibility, Beaujolais, etc. (LSN-1052) Random number generation for Ada 9X
(LSN-024) Low bid for Ada 9X (LSN-1055) Evolution of the Random Number Generator
(LSN-025) Simplifying Protected Records (LSN-1056) Limited Function Return and User-defined Clone
(LSN-026) Asynchronous Transfer of Control (LSN-1058) Single Statement Restriction for ATC
(LSN-027) Task Rendezvous in terms of PRs (LSN-1059) Dangling Task Id Checking
(LSN-028-dr) Alternative to MD 4.0 Hierarchical Library Feature (LSN-1060) Low-Level Primitives in the RT Annex
(LSN-028)Exact evaluation of static expressions (LSN-1061) Multiple Task Attributes
(LSN-029) Analysis of Upward Compatiblity/Consistency (LSN-1062) Assert with the correct number
(LNS-029-dr) Aspects of Unsigned Integer Types in Ada-9X (LSN-1063) Ada 9X Preference Rule
(LSN-030-dr) "FOR ALL" Extension for Ada (LSN-1064) User-defined Initialization/Finalization/Assignment
(LSN-031-dr) Parameter Passing Mechanisms (LSN-1065) Compiler control via Pragmas
(LSN-032-dr) Operator Visibility (LSN-1067) Trailing Underscore
(LSN-034-dr) INTERFACE pragmas (LSN-1068) Minor Issues Related to Controlled Types
(LSN-035-dr) Doing Without the Multi-Way Select (LSN-1069) Environment-related Friendliness Issues
(LSN-036-dr) Variables and Function Calls with Values Outside Their Declared Subtypes (LSN-1070) Interface to C
(LSN-037-dr) INTERFACE pragmas (LSN-1071) Alignment Attribute and Clauses
(LSN-038-dr) Undefined Scalars in Ada 9X (LSN-1072) Access to Machine Operations
(LSN-039-ui) Evaluation Of The Implementation Of The Multi-Way Select And Asynchronous Transfer Of Control Constructs (LSN-1073) Annex Organization
(LSN-040-ui) An Analysis of the Implementation and Execution-Time Impact of Ada 9X Real-Time Features (LSN-1074) Export -- Elaboration Issues
( Postscript version   (LSN-040-ui.pdf) PDF version (LSN-1075) Task Storage Size
(LSN-041-ui) Runtime Implementation Strategies for Protected Records, Multi-way Entry Call, and Asynchronous Transfer of Control (LSN-1076) Wraparound (i.e. modular/unsigned) types
(LSN-042-dr) Tasks and Protected Records (LSN-1078) Edited Output
(LSN-043-dr) Implementing Protected Records in Ada (LSN-1082) Exception Occurrences
(LSN-044-dr) Safety and Security Annex (LSN-1083) General Access Types
(LSN-044-dr) Safety and Security Annex (LSN-1084) Aggregates for Extensions of Abstract Types
(LSN-045-mrt) Numerics Annex (Specification), Vers. 4.7 Language Study Notes -- Misc.
(LSN-046-mrt) Numerics Annex (Rationale), Vers. 4.7 ( Language Study Notes -zipped
(LSN-048-dr) The Syntax Of Object-Oriented Features (LSN-titles) Language Study Notes Titles