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	WinHelp Version of the Ada 95 Reference Manual

     I. Description

     This is Version 1.1 of the WinHelp version of the Ada 95 Reference
     Manual.  It is a complete implementation of the printed copy of the
     Reference Manual in Windows WinHelp format.  Extensive hyperlinking
     and indexing have been added to increase the utility of this document.

     The file contains the following:

     File Name          Description
     ------------       ----------------------------------

     RM95.HLP           WinHelp Reference Manual
     RM95.CNT           WinHelp Contents file
     README.TXT         README file in plain ASCII text

     II. Requirements

     The helpfile was compiled for WinHelp version 4 and requires the
     32-bit WinHelp viewer (WINHLP32.EXE).  This viewer is supplied with
     the following Windows systems:

     * Windows NT 3.51 and later
     * Windows 95
     * Windows 3.1 with Win32s version 1.30 and later

     It will not run under any version of Windows 3.x without Win32s.
     At the time this was written, Win32s was available from Microsoft
     via anonymous FTP at:

     III. Production Information

     Author(s): J. David Bryan (WinHelp formatting),
                Intermetrics, Inc. (RM95 text)
                Phone: 410-329-1955

     Organization that produced the item: Palomar Corporation
                                          10946-A Beaver Dam Road
                                          Hunt Valley, MD 21030-2223
                                          Phone: 410-329-1955
                                          Fax: 410-329-1956

     IV. Copyright & Disclaimer

     The WinHelp formatting and extensions are copyright 1997-1998 Palomar
     Corporation. The Ada 95 Reference Manual is copyright 1992, 1993,
     1994, 1995 Intermetrics, Inc., as indicated on the cover page.
     Permission is granted to reproduce or distribute this WinHelp file under
     the same terms as the original Intermetrics copyright, provided that
     all files in this distribution are included unmodified in any copy.

     This document is provided "as is," without warranty or representation
     of accuracy or correctness.  While I believe it to be a faithful
     reproduction of the Postscript version of the Ada 95 Reference Manual,
     I make no assertion or guarantee that it is.  Corrections are welcomed.

     Please see README.TXT for more information on this product.

     V. Publication History

     Version        Date           Remarks
     -------   ---------------     ----------------------------------------
       1.0     20 January 1997     Original version
       1.1     31 December 1998    Fixed typo in A.4.3 (57);
                                   updated e-mail address