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Ada '83 Rationale, Ch 14: Exception Handling

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CHAPTER 14: Exception Handling

In this chapter...

14.1 Introduction
14.2 Presentation of Exception Handling in Ada
14.2.1 Declaration of Exceptions
14.2.2 Exception Handlers
14.2.3 The Raise Statement
14.2.4 Association of Handlers with Exceptions
14.2.5 Raising the Same Exception Again
14.2.6 Suppressing Checks
14.2.7 Order of Exceptions
14.3 Examples
14.3.1 Matrix Inversion
14.3.2 Division
14.3.3 A File Example
14.3.4 A Package Example
14.3.5 Example of Last Wishes
14.4 Tasks and Exceptions
14.4.1 Exceptions During Task Activation
14.4.2 Exceptions Raised During Communication Between Tasks
14.4.3 Abnormal Situations in an Accept Statement
14.4.4 Example of Exceptions in a Rendezvous
14.5 Technical Issues
14.5.1 Exceptions Raised During the Elaboration of Declarations
14.5.2 Propagation of an Exception Beyond its Scope
14.5.3 Suppression of Checks
14.5.4 Implementation of Exception Handling
14.5.5 The Case Against Asynchronous Exceptions
14.5.6 Proving Programs with Exceptions

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