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Ada '83 Rationale, Ch 13: Tasking

"Rationale for the Design of the
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CHAPTER 13: Tasking

In this chapter...

13.1 Introduction
13.2 Presentation of the Tasking Facility
13.2.1 Tasks: Textual Layout
13.2.2 Task Execution
13.2.3 Visibility Rules
13.2.4 Entries and the Accept Statement
13.2.5 The Select Statement
13.2.6 Timing
13.2.7 Timed and Conditional Communication
13.2.8 Interrupts
13.2.9 Task Types
13.2.10 The Terminate Alternative
13.2.11 Families, Entries and Scheduling
13.3 Rationale for the Design of the Rendezvous Facilities
13.3.1 Early Primitives
13.3.2 The Rendezvous Concept
13.4 Packages and Tasks

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