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Ada '83 Rationale, Ch 12: Generic Units

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CHAPTER 12: Generic Units

In this chapter...

12.1 Introduction
12.2 Informal Presentation of Generic Units
12.2.1 Generic Formal Parts
12.2.2 Generic Instantiations
12.2.3 Private Types as Generic Formal Types
12.2.4 Other Forms of Generic Formal Types
12.2.5 Default Parameters
12.3 The Use of Generic Units
12.3.1 Examples of Generic Functions
12.3.2 An Example of a Generic Package
12.3.3 A Generic Package with Tasks
12.3.4 A More Complicated Example
12.4 Rationale for the Formulation of Generic Units
12.4.1 Explicit Instantiation of Generic Units
12.4.2 Generic Formal Parameters: The Contract Model
12.4.3 Default Generic Parameters

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