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Ada '83 Rationale, Ch 10: Separate Compilation and Libraries

"Rationale for the Design of the
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CHAPTER 10: Separate Compilation and Libraries

In this chapter...

10.1 Introduction
10.2 Presentation of the Separate Compilation Facility
10.2.1 Bottom-Up Program Development
10.2.2 Hierarchical Program Development
10.2.3 Compilation Order
10.2.4 Recompilation Order
10.2.5 Execution of a Main Program
10.2.6 The Pragma ELABORATE
10.3 Methodological Impact of Separate Compilation
10.4 The Program Library
10.5 The Implementation of Separate Compilation
10.5.1 Principle of Separate Compilation
10.5.2 Details of the Actions Performed by the Compiler
10.5.3 Treatment of Package Bodies
10.5.4 Summary of the Information Contained in a Library File
10.6 Summary and Conclusion

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