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Ada '83 Rationale, Ch 9: Packages

"Rationale for the Design of the
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CHAPTER 9: Packages

In this chapter...

9.1 Motivation
9.2 Informal Introduction to Packages
9.2.1 Named Collections of Entities
9.2.2 Groups of Related Subprograms
9.2.3 Private Types
9.3 Technical Issues
9.3.1 Visibility Control and Information Hiding
9.3.2 Guaranteeing Software Components
9.3.3 Influence of Separate Compilation on the Design of Packages
9.3.4 Initialization of Packages
9.3.5 Note on Visibility
9.3.6 Availability of the Properties of Types Defined Within Packages
9.3.7 Initialization of Objects of Private Types
9.3.8 Private Types with Discriminants
9.4 Summary and Conclusion

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