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Ada '83 Rationale, Ch 8: Subprograms

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CHAPTER 8: Subprograms

Subprograms can be functions or procedures. The form of these program units is quite traditional, following from Algol 60. Nevertheless the design of a subprogram facility raises several issues in terms of the organization of the program text, the definition of the parameter mechanism, and the nature of functions. These issues are discussed in separate sections.

In this chapter...

8.1 Subprogram Declarations and Subprogram Bodies
8.2 Parameter Modes
8.2.1 Efficiency Issues of Parameter Passing Mechanisms
8.2.2 The Effect of Parameter Passing Mechanisms for Access Types
8.2.3 The Effect of Parameter Passing Mechanisms for Composite Types
8.2.4 The Ada Solution for Parameter Passing
8.3 Parameter Passing Notations
8.4 Function Subprograms

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