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"Rationale for the Design of the
Ada® Programming Language"

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CHAPTER 1: Introduction and Preface

1.2 Structure

This document is divided into chapters covering different aspects of the language. Most chapters correspond to chapters of the Reference Manual. Expressions and statements are here regrouped in a single chapter, since the subject is fairly classical. Conversely, in view of the importance of the subjects, special chapters are devoted to numeric types, access types, and derived types, in addition to the chapter on types. The chapters of the Rationale are fairly independent (at the cost of some repetition) and can be read in any order.

Most chapters of the Rationale have a common structure. They start with an introduction to the topic discussed. An informal description of the language features follows. This description is made in terms of examples chosen to reflect the major classes of uses of the features considered.

We believe that the reader will get the spirit of the language reading these examples. They should help the development of an intuition for programming style in the Ada language.

A discussion of the technical issues follows, or in some cases is interspersed with the informal description. Such discussions cover the major design decisions,hpot their justification, and the interactions with other aspects of the language.

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