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12.2. Generic Bodies


The body of a generic subprogram or generic package is a template for the bodies of the corresponding subprograms or packages obtained by generic instantiations. The syntax of a generic body is identical to that of a nongeneric body.

For each declaration of a generic subprogram, there must be a corresponding body.

The elaboration of a generic body has no other effect than to establish that the body can from then on be used as the template for obtaining the corresponding instances.

Example of a generic procedure body:

    procedure EXCHANGE(U, V : in out ELEM) is  --  see example in 12.1
       T : ELEM;  --  the generic formal type
       T := U;
       U := V;
       V := T;
    end EXCHANGE;  

Example of a generic function body:

    function SQUARING(X : ITEM) return ITEM is  --  see example in 12.1
       return X*X;  --  the formal operator "*"

Example of a generic package body:

    package body ON_VECTORS is  --  see example in 12.1 

       function SUM(A, B : VECTOR) return VECTOR is
          RESULT : VECTOR(A'RANGE);     --  the formal type VECTOR
          BIAS   : constant INTEGER := B'FIRST - A'FIRST;
          if A'LENGTH /= B'LENGTH then
             raise LENGTH_ERROR;
          end if; 

          for N in A'RANGE loop
             RESULT(N) := SUM(A(N), B(N + BIAS));  -- the formal function SUM
          end loop;
          return RESULT;

       function SIGMA(A : VECTOR) return ITEM is
          TOTAL : ITEM := A(A'FIRST);                --  the formal type ITEM
          for N in A'FIRST + 1 .. A'LAST loop
             TOTAL := SUM(TOTAL, A(N));           --  the formal function SUM
          end loop;
          return TOTAL;

References: body, elaboration, generic body, generic instantiation, generic package, generic subprogram, instance, package body, package, subprogram, subprogram body.

Rationale references: 12.3 The Use of Generic Units, 12.3.1 Examples of Generic Functions, 12.3.2 An Example of a Generic Package, 12.3.3 A Generic Package with Tasks, 12.3.4 A More Complicated Example

Style Guide references: 8.2.7 Exceptions


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