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10. Program Structure and Compilation Issues

The overall structure of programs and the facilities for separate compilation are described in this chapter. A program is a collection of one or more compilation units submitted to a compiler in one or more compilations. Each compilation unit specifies the separate compilation of a construct which can be a subprogram declaration or body, a package declaration or body, a generic declaration or body, or a generic instantiation. Alternatively this construct can be a subunit, in which case it includes the body of a subprogram, package, task unit, or generic unit declared within another compilation unit.

References: compilation, compilation unit, generic body, generic declaration, generic instantiation, package body, package declaration, subprogram body, subprogram declaration, subunit, task body, task unit.

Rationale references: 11.2 Program Structure

Style Guide references: 4.1.1 Separate Compilation Capabilities


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