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9.9. Task and Entry Attributes


For a task object or value T the following attributes are defined:

In addition, the representation attributes STORAGE_SIZE, SIZE, and ADDRESS are defined for a task object T or a task type T (see 13.7.2).

The attribute COUNT is defined for an entry E of a task unit T. The entry can be either a single entry or an entry of a family (in either case the name of the single entry or entry family can be either a simple or an expanded name). This attribute is only allowed within the body of T, but excluding within any program unit that is, itself, inner to the body of T.


Algorithms interrogating the attribute E'COUNT should take precautions to allow for the increase of the value of this attribute for incoming entry calls, and its decrease, for example with timed entry calls.

References: abnormal task, accept statement, attribute, boolean type, completed task, designate, entry, false boolean value, queue of entry calls, storage unit, task, task object, task type, terminated task, timed entry call, true boolean value, universal_integer type.

Rationale references: 13.2.2 Task Execution, 13.2.9 Task Types, 13.2.11 Families, Entries and Scheduling

Style Guide references: 6.2.3 Attributes 'Count, 'Callable and 'Terminated


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