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Ada '83 Language Reference Manual

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5. Statements

A statement defines an action to be performed; the process by which a statement achieves its action is called execution of the statement.

This chapter describes the general rules applicable to all statements. Some specific statements are discussed in later chapters. Procedure call statements are described in Chapter 6 on subprograms. Entry call, delay, accept, select, and abort statements are described in Chapter 9 on tasks. Raise statements are described in Chapter 11 on exceptions, and code statements in Chapter 13. The remaining forms of statements are presented in this chapter.


References: abort statement, accept statement, code statement, delay statement, entry call statement, procedure call statement, raise statement, select statement.

Rationale references: 2.2 Textual Structure, 3.7 Statements

Style Guide references: 2.1.2 Indentation, 2.1.6 Blank Lines, 2.1.8 Number of Statements Per Line, 3.3.6 Statement Comments, 5.6 Statements


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