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Ada '83 Language Reference Manual

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2.9. Reserved Words


The identifiers listed below are called reserved words and are reserved for special significance in the language. For readability of this manual, the reserved words appear in lower case boldface.

    abort       declare      generic    of           select
    abs         delay        goto       or           separate
    accept      delta                   others       subtype
    access      digits       if         out
    all         do           in                      task
    and                      is         package      terminate
    array                               pragma       then
    at          else                    private      type
                elsif        limited    procedure
                end          loop
    begin       entry                   raise        use
    body        exception               range
                exit         mod        record       when
                                        rem          while
                             new        renames      with
    case        for          not        return
    constant    function     null       reverse      xor 

A reserved word must not be used as a declared identifier.


Reserved words differing only in the use of corresponding upper and lower case letters are considered as the same (see 2.3). In some attributes the identifier that appears after the apostrophe is identical to some reserved word.

References: attribute, declaration, identifier, lower case letter, upper case letter.

Rationale references: 2.1 Lexical Structure

Style Guide references: 3.1.3 Capitalization


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