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Ada '83 Language Reference Manual

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2.3. Identifiers


Identifiers are used as names and also as reserved words.

    identifier ::=
       letter {[underline] letter_or_digit} 

    letter_or_digit ::= letter | digit 

    letter ::= upper_case_letter | lower_case_letter 

All characters of an identifier are significant, including any underline character inserted between a letter or digit and an adjacent letter or digit. Identifiers differing only in the use of corresponding upper and lower case letters are considered as the same.


    COUNT      X    get_symbol   Ethelyn   Marion 

    SNOBOL_4   X1   PageCount    STORE_NEXT_ITEM


No space is allowed within an identifier since a space is a separator.

References: digit, lower case letter, name, reserved word, separator, space character, upper case letter.

Rationale references: 2.1 Lexical Structure

Style Guide references: 3.1.1 Use of Underscores, 3.1.3 Capitalization, 3.1.4 Abbreviations, 3.2 Naming Conventions, 5.2.1 Formal Parameters, 5.5.4 Positive Forms of Logic, 8.1.1 Application-Independent Naming, 8.1.2 Abbreviations


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