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Ada '83 Language Reference Manual

Copyright 1980, 1982, 1983 owned by the United States Government. Direct reproduction and usage requests to the Ada Information Clearinghouse.

1.2. Structure of the Standard


This reference manual contains fourteen chapters, three annexes, three appendices, and an index.

Each chapter is divided into sections that have a common structure. Each section introduces its subject, gives any necessary syntax rules, and describes the semantics of the corresponding language constructs. Examples and notes, and then references, may appear at the end of a section.

Examples are meant to illustrate the possible forms of the constructs described. Notes are meant to emphasize consequences of the rules described in the section or elsewhere. References are meant to attract the attention of readers to a term or phrase having a technical meaning defined in another section.

The standard definition of the Ada programming language consists of the fourteen chapters and the three annexes, subject to the following restriction: the material in each of the items listed below is informative, and not part of the standard definition of the Ada programming language:


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