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Paris Metro Runs on Ada
The Ada language was chosen to develop the automatic piloting system on the new Paris underground line, METEOR (Métro Est Ouest Rapide). Reliability, security and long term software lifecycle were determining criteria for the choice of the language.

The METEOR Project

Called Line (ligne) 14 since its inauguration on Oct. 15, 1998, the Meteor system is Paris's first driverless metro sytem and its first new line since 1935.

Developed on behalf of the Paris Transportation Authority (RATP) by GEC Alsthom for the trains and Matra Transport for the automatic systems, the 20 km long Line 14 links the South West and North East suburbs of Paris. It starts at Maison Blanche in the south, then runs parallel to Line 1 and A between Gare de Lyon and Châtelet-les Halles, which lightens those lines' traffic, and finally turns north to St. Lazare.

The trains running the line all feature the Matra Transport automatic piloting system. The piloting system automatically controls the line's train traffic, regulates the train speed, manages several alarm devices, and allows for traffic of both automatic and non automatic trains on the same line.

System Development and Features

The on-ground and embedded system's software is developed on VAX/VMS platform using the Aonix cross environment; it targets the Motorola 68020 processor. Developers also used the Aonix SMART (SMall Ada Run Time).

The METEOR project cost approximately $1 billion. It ensures up to 55 million passenger trips each year.

Line 14 could be later extend north to Place de Clichy and La Fourche and connect to the north-western branch of Line 13 to Port de Genevilliers.

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