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Ada and the Cairo and Calcutta Subways

The Cairo and Calcutta subway networks are today being run on Ada, thanks to the work of fifteen software engineers who wrote several hundred thousand lines of code in Ada. In addition to train flow and schedule regulations, the program includes data collection for establishing statistics.

GEC-Alsthom purchased a compiler for native environments on HP 9000/400 and cross development environments for SPARC and 386-hosted to Intel/Multibus II environments to develop the centralized command systems for the subway networks.

The Cairo subway system was developed on behalf of the Egyptian National Railways and with the cooperation of the consulting agency, National Authority for Tunnel. The Ramses project involves the Regional Express Railway line which is 40 kilometers long and equipped with 33 railway stations that link the north and south suburbs of the Egyptian capital.

The project for Calcutta, ordered by Metro Railway of Calcutta, includes the Metropolitan Railway line serving the Indian metropolis.