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Ada Flies to Fight Fires
The Russian aircraft manufacturer Beriev is using the Ada programming language to control the avionics in its new multiple-amphibious aircraft, the BE-200. Beriev has teamed up with Allied Signal (Bendix Air Transport Division) to develop the avionics for the aircraft.

Russia's State Forest Management has already placed an order for fifty of the aircraft for fighting forest fires. The BE-200 is capable of refilling its water tanks by skimming across a water surface. The aircraft will also be changed into a passenger version for regional transport and other configurations that require amphibious capabilities.

Anticipating orders from the United States and other countries needing the BE-200's unique capabilities, Beriev wanted the latest in avionics hardware and software technology. The aircraft also features state-of-the-art avionics technology using DDC-I's Ada Run-Time System software technology for the Intel 80486. Beriev required that the avionics technology meet all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements for certification.

Ada for Avionics

Allied Signal selected DDC-I Ada run-time technology after an extensive market evaluation. DDC-I's products and support were selected based on the company's experience in high-performance runtime systems software technology, documentation, and testing necessary to meet the stringent requirements for FAA certification to Level A requirements under DO-178A and DO-178B (FAA guideline documents for avionics software).

Allied Signal uses the DDC-I Ada Run-Time System technology to upgrade and replace past programming technology written in assembler code. The original program involved converting from older machine- and assembly-language software technology to more maintainable and reusable software technology based on Ada.

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