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  • Stoneman
    The original requirements document for Ada Programming Support Environments, released in February 1980.

  • Steelman
    The original requirements document for the Ada 83 computer programming language released in June 1978. Previous versions of this document include STRAWMAN, WOODENMAN, TINMAN, and IRONMAN.

  • Ada - The Project
    A paper describing the early days of the development of Ada from the DoD High Order Language Working Group (HOLWG) project.

  • Naming of Ada
    "The Real Ada, Countess of Lovelace."

  • Flyers and Fact Sheets
    "Flyers and fact sheets on Ada policy and past AJPO initiatives"

  • The History of Ada
    An article by Robert daCosta on the evolution of Ada.

  • Ada 9X Project News and Reports
    Information related to the 1995 revision of the Ada language.


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