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Week Ending
September 20, 1996


Richard Riehle discusses runtime faults and Ada's exception handling capabilities in his latest article for the Ada column in Journal of Object-Oriented Programming. Riehle offers some background information on exception handling as part of a language design and uses Ada to provide examples and exercises on implementing exception handling. Riehle also discusses the importance and use of package Ada as part of, what he considers, one of the most significant Ada 95 extensions.

Riehle, Richard. "Managing runtime faults," Journal of Object-Oriented Programming. September 1996: 73-77.

Ada 95 BOOKS

The Journal of Object-Oriented Programming (JOOP) has recently published its annual object technology book listing ... a great source for the latest in object-oriented programming. Keep in mind, however, that though the Ada object technology book listing is fairly comprehensive, it is not a complete list of all the new Ada 95 books. For a complete list of Ada books, look under Education/Training in the AdaIC's web site (http://sw-eng.falls- church.va.us/AdaIC/ed-train).

"The OT Book Listing," Journal of Object-Oriented Programming. September 1996.


Information on the availability of the Defense Department's new Defense Acquisition Deskbook on CD-Rom was provided in the last Ada News Brief. Below is additional information (provided as a follow-up to the original Federal Computer Week article) on how to obtain the Deskbook on CD-Rom.

All orders should specify ID Code (Desk); the product title, Defense Acquisition Deskbook on CD-Rom; and include payment. By mail, customers should write to: Superintendent of Documents, P.O. Box 371954, Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7954. Payment may be made by check payable to Superintendent of Documents or charged to Visa, MasterCard or GPO deposit account.

To order by phone, customers may call (202) 512-1800. To order by fax, call (202) 512-2250. Payment may be made by Visa, MasterCard or GPO deposit account. Another purchasing option is through one of 24 U.S. government bookstores located around the country.

Call Kathryn McConnell at (202) 512-1710 or Michael Bright at (202) 512-0108 for further questions about purchasing the CD-Rom.

Letter from Wayne P. Kelley, Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office. Federal Computer Week, September 2, 1996.

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