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Week Ending
June 28, 1996


Richard Riehle's latest Ada article in Journal of Object- Oriented Programming focuses on some of the issues related to dynamic binding. Riehle reviews the basics of Ada then goes on to discuss derivation classes, tagged type, scope and visibility, and primitive operations. Riehle also discusses the status of Ada both commercially and within the Department of Defense.

Riehle, Richard. "Dynamic Polymorphism," Journal of Object- Oriented Programming. June 1996: 60-64, 74.


DDC-I Inc. recently announced the release of DACS-Qualified, an FAA qualified Ada verification tool set. DACS-Qualified is a set of testing tools which are used for verification of structural coverage in testing applications supporting both source level statement coverage as well as object code coverage. Each tool has been qualified and used for FAA certification of Assembly applications, Ada applications and Ada Run-Time systems. The tools are non-intrusive, support cross development and are easy to use.

DDC-I also announced support for Intel Pentium processor optimizations with performance improvements of the generated code 10-20%. The already highly optimized DDC-I Ada Cross Compiler Systems (DACS) now includes three improved areas: Unsegmented Flat Mode, Pentium Specific Optimizations, and General Optimizations. For more information on the product, call DDC-I at 602/275-7172.

DDC-I Third Party Briefs, Vol.III, Issue 2.

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