Ada Lovelace Programming Contest

The Ada Resource Association (ARA) is sponsoring an Ada Lovelace Programming Contest. The Ada contest seeks to recognize the most readable, original, reusable, and clear working Ada programs.

Every two months, the ARA will pay $750.00 to the best Ada code segment submitted. Submissions must be received by the 15th (midnight) of the "contest month" and the award will be announced at the end of the second month. The contest months will be February, April, June, August, October, and December. The contest is open to all. A submission is made by e-mailing the source code to:

The goals of the contest are:
*To publish the clearest and best Ada program under the rules (rules can be obtained by contacting the ARA). * To stress the importance of programming style. * To illustrate the virtues of the Ada language. * To provide a public forum for good, clear Ada code. * To make available a collection of good, reusable Ada software.

Questions about the contest may be directed to:
with the following in the body of the message: SUBSCRIBE ARA <username>

Oliver E. Cole and Magnus Kempe, Ada Resource Association


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