The following endorsement was received from Hon. Emmett Paige, Jr., Assistant Secretary of Defense, regarding TRI-Ada `95:

This is a pivotal year for Ada with the advent of Ada 95, the first internationally standardized object-oriented language for engineering software. I just finished looking at the TRI-Ada 95's advance program; I am convinced that this exposition will provide you with access to the largest international assemblage of Ada-related services, products, and their developers. I understand that most of you are fighting severe budget cuts, but I believe that TRI-Ada `95 is truly a bargain investment for those seeking technical experience with Ada for critical system solutions. TRI-Ada `95 will be worthwhile for talented, technical folks to attend. I encourage all who can attend to do so.

E. Paige Jr.

TRI-Ada `95 will take place in Anaheim, CA at the Disneyland Convention Center, November 5-10, 1995. Free exposition passes can be obtained from the AdaIC by calling 1- 800/AdaIC-11 or 703/681-2466.

Hon. Emmett Paige, Jr.
Ada Information Clearinghouse