DATELINE: May 26, 1995

Computerworld recently featured an article that gave the concept of software reuse a glowing review.

Alan Schlukbier began his article "The Future is Reuse" by stating, "The proponents of software reuse, object-oriented methods and languages such as Ada, which implement object features, have extolled the virtues of software reuse as a means of increasing software development productivity." He goes on to refute opponents of reuse by citing recent independent studies that have verified the concept of reuse and shed light on the most productive approach to employing it in large, complex systems environments.

"It may be the most important concept in software development in the past 20 years. Given the potential savings and our current business climate, it is likely that reuse will become the new executive buzzword," Schlukbier praises. He is optimistic, as we all are, about the future of reuse saying, "The bottom line is that reuse is effective and works even in mainframe environments."

[Source: Schlukbier, Alan C. "The future is reuse," in the May 8, 1995 (Vol.29, No.19) issue of Computerworld, Framingham, Mass., 508/879-0700. For reprints, contact Sharon Bryant at 508/820-8125]