DATELINE: May 12, 1995

The May 1995 issue of Defense Electronics features an article by Joyce Tokar, Ph.D. titled, "Ada 95: Getting the Bugs Out."

Tokar discusses the revisions made to Ada 83 after the Ada community initiated the language revision process in 1988. She also reports, in detail, the enhancements made to the Ada 95 real-time model: the protected type, the requeue operation, the asynchronous transfer of control statement and the delay until statement.

[Source: Tokar, Joyce L. Ph.D. "Ada 95: Getting the Bugs Out," in the May 1995 (Vol. 27, No. 5) issue of Defense Electronics, Argus Inc., 6151 Powers Ferry Road, N.W., Atlanta, Ga. 30339- 2941, 404/955-2500.]


DATELINE: May 12, 1995

An article by Richard Riehle of Adaworks Software Engineering, entitled, "Ada 95: The New Object-Oriented Standard," has been published in the May 1995 issue of Object Magazine.

The article explains that not only is the new Ada 95 standard object oriented, but it is the first ISO approved OOP language standard. The revised Ada standard needed only a few syntactic and semantic changes to enable inheritance, dynamic binding, and polymorphism; the three OOP features that Ada 83 lacked.

Riehle continues with a discussion of the revision process and further comments on programming by extension, child packages, inheritance, dynamic binding, and abstract classes.

[Source: Riehle, Richard. "Ada 95: The New Object-Oriented Standard," in the May 1995 issue of Object Magazine. Adaworks: 2555 Park Blvd., Suite #27, Palo Alto, CA 94303, 415/328-1815]