DATELINE: October 28, 1994

Grants have been made in response to this summer's Broad Area Announcement (BAA) for proposals for developing Ada curricula.

The goal of the BAA was to encourage university development of undergraduate educational curricula, course materials, and innovative presentation tools or methods for demonstrating the use of the Ada 9X programming language.

The Department of Defense is reinforcing its commitment to Ada by responding to the demands of the DoD development community by striving to increase use of Ada in the academic community. Ada 9X is unique because it provides a sound engineering approach to object-oriented design. This round of university awards will produce Ada 9X courseware that will be distributed free via CD-ROM to the private and public sector.

The round of proposals for grants concluded with the following awards:

Florida International Univ. $53,574 Development of an Ada

                                        Base 2 Semester Intro
                                        Computer Science/Software
                                        Engineering Course and a
                                        Multi-Media Instructional

Montana State Univ.           $64,907   Ada in a 4 Course,
                                        Breadth First,
                                        Introductory Computer
                                        Science Curriculum

Santa Clara University

     (cost-shared)            $37,064   Data Structures with Ada

State University of New York
at Binghamton (cost-shared) $56,866 Teaching formal methods

                                        using Ada and related
                                        analysis and synthesis

Univ. of Alabama              $91,458   Ada Curriculum
                                        Development Workshops

Univ. of Illinois at Chicago

     (cost-shared)            $67,035   A Software Engineering
                                        Course Sequence for
                                        Distributed and Real-Time

Univ. of Scranton

     (cost-shared)            $59,213   Ada 9X resources to
                                        support and improve a
                                        breadth first approach to

York College

     (cost-shared)            7,576     Design and Implementation
                                        of a Software Engineering
                                        Course Sequence for
                                        Undergraduate Computer
                                        Majors (emphasizing use
                                        of Ada)

The Ada Joint Program Office intends to announce next years BAA's for Ada 9X at the June 1994, Ada Software Engineering Education and Training (ASEET) Symposium in Morgantown, West Virginia.

[Source: Don Reifer, AJPO Director]


DATELINE: October 28, 1994

A new Ada logo, combining the globe symbol used by the Ada IC and the tagline: "Ada -- The Language For a Complex World," has been approved for industry use in Ada marketing materials by Chris Anderson, Ada 9X Project Manager and AJPO Director Don Reifer.

Several vendors have already requested Ada's new logo which is available in .gif format in the public/graphics directory on the AJPO host ( on the Internet.

[Source: Kristin Mead, Ada Information Clearinghouse]


DATELINE: October 28, 1994

HOT_Ada 1.1, a two-volume course/tutorial distributed on floppy disks, is now available from Stage Harbor Software.

HOT_Ada is designed for individual, self-paced learning. One version runs on Macintoshes, another on PCs with Windows. The many hypertext and hypergraphic features allow you, for instance, to click on a "hot word" to see its definition in the Glossary or click on a "hot icon" in a diagram to jump to the corresponding line of Ada source code in a previously hidden listing.

The Hypertext course on Object Technology and Ada 9X may be purchased from Bard Crawford during the upcoming Tri-Ada Conference in Baltimore during the week of November 7 - 11.

The regular price for the two-volume set is $49. During Tri-Ada and until December 31, 1994, the set may be purchased at the introductory price of $30.

E-mail inquiries welcomed at: Regular mail inquiries or mail orders (specify Mac or Windows, personal checks accepted) can be sent to:

Stage Harbor Software
9 Patriots Drive
Lexington, MA 02173

[Source: Bard Crawford, Stage Harbor Software]


DATELINE: October 28, 1994

Advanced Software Technologies, Inc. has introduced Graphical Designer, a Unix-based, computer-aided software development tool. Developers can select an object-oriented methodology to express high- and low-level designs in a graphical format while automatically generating Ada, C, or C++ code.

[Source: New Products, Computerworld, October 17, 1994, Vol. 28, No. 42]

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DATELINE: October 28, 1994

There are just a few hardcopies left of Ada, The Enchantress of Numbers: A Selection from the Letters of Lord Byron's Daughter and Her Description of the First Computer, by Betty A. Toole Ed.D., ISBN 0-912647-09-4. Published by Strawberry Press, the book might make a perfect holiday corporate gift for your Ada users.

Signed, discount copies for corporations can be obtained in quantity from Critical Connection (415/388-2328). Individual copies are available through Border Books, OPAMP (1-800/468-4322), Computer Literacy Bookstores (408/435-0744), or Critical Connection.

Additional information about Ada, The Enchantress of Numbers and presentations about Ada can be obtained from Critical Connection:

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FAX: 415/388-2328 or

[Source: Betty A. Toole, Ed.D.]