DATELINE: August 19, 1994

Green Hills Software Inc. announces AdaMULTI, a complete window based development environment for real-time Ada program developers. AdaMULTI combines Green Hills' Ada compiler with their MULTI development environment. It is currently available for native Sun Sparc/Solaris applications and 68xxx/VxWorks applications which both include a validated Ada compiler.

AdaMULTI supports multi-language, multiprocessor, multitasking program development. AdaMULTI's mixed language support allows the developer to control the cost of software engineering by reusing any combination of existing Ada, C, C++, FORTRAN or Pascal code. In addition to an Ada compiler validated by the Ada Joint Program Office (AJPO), AdaMULTI includes a powerful source level symbolic debugger, program builder, built-in editor, source code control system, execution profiler that provides performance and coverage analysis, graphical browser, on-line help facility, on-line LRM and multitask control facility. AdaMULTI enables system builders to reduce software development time and maximize programmer productivity when developing Ada programs for flight and vehicle simulation, weapons test, avionics systems, Command Control & Communications, electronic warfare and data acquisition.

AdaMULTI is available now for both native Sparc/Solaris and 68xxx/VxWorks target systems, with prices at $8,900 and $9,900 respectively.

For more information, contact Patrick Rodenbeck of Green Hills Software Inc. at (805) 965-6044.

[Source: Rodenbeck, Patrick. "Green Hills Software Announces Ada Development Environment for Embedded and Native Applications," Green Hills Software Inc. News Release. August 1994.]