DISA-CIM Releases Ada Dual-Use Program Plan to Public

Dateline: 2 Jun 94

Today, the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Center for Information Management (CIM) released the public version of its plan for increasing the use of Ada and the software engineering principles it embodies in the defense and commercial sector.

The plan identifies five thrusts for the Ada Dual-Use initiative:

      Increase marketing 
      Establish partnerships
      Provide support and incentives
      Reinforce commitment
      Maintain current AJPO activities.

PostScript, Rich Text Format (RTF), and WordPerfect versions of the plan can be obtained from the AJPO's Internet host computer and the AdaIC electronic bulletin board. For information on accessing these resources, contact the AdaIC at 1/800-232-34211 or 703/685- 1477.

[Source: AdaIC, 1/800-232-4211 or 703/685-1477]

          Parallel Platforms Call for Parallel Tools:
                     Ada is the Best Choice

Dateline: 3 Jun 94

Ada should be the choice for all programmers developing applications for multiprocessing microcomputers, including those that will be designed according to a new industry supported standard developed by Intel Corp.

In one case, Ada was used in a real-time, distributed project with 2.5 million lines of code, and over half of the prior-generation code that was moved from IBM
mainframes and DEC computers to IBM RS/6000 workstations was reused. An upcoming Ada extension will include enhancements for real-time and parallel programming, a name space for managing unusually large projects and object-oriented capabilities such as polymorphism and inheritance. Ada is often less obscure than the popular C and C++ languages, and helps the programmer with clear boundaries on machine dependencies, enforcement of abstract data types and separate compilation of interface definitions.

[Source: Coffee, Peter, "Parallel Platforms Call for Parallel Tools," PC Week April 25, 1994, Vol. 11 pp. 59.]

Broad Area Announcement: Undergraduate Curriculum and Course Development Software andInformation Engineering & the Use of Ada

Dateline: 3 Jun 94

The Defense Information Systems Agency, Center for Information Management (DISA/CIM) and the Ada Joint Program Office (AJPO) announce a multi-year program to support the development of undergraduate curricula and courses. This program is intended to help United States post-secondary educational institutions advance their capability to provide a highly qualified software engineering work force into the 21st century.

The principal goals of the program are:

Inquiries and requests for future BAA information may be directed via electronic mail to baa@AJPO.SEI.CMU.EDU, via facsimile to (703) 685-7019, or by surface mail at the following address: Mr. David Basel (DISA Code TXE), Ada Joint Program Office, 701 South Courthouse Road, Arlington, VA 22204-2199

[Source: Commerce Business Daily, June 3, 1994]