DoD Touts Updated Ada

Dateline: 25 April 94

During the past two months, DoD officials and Ada proponents have been speaking out publically about the benefits of Ada. Below are a few quotes from a Federal Computer Week article (see source below):

"The need for Ada is as essential today [as it was then] for all our software-driven systems,"

          The Honorable Emmett Paige, Jr., Assistant Secretary of
          Defense for Command Control Communications and
          Intelligence (C3I) in keynote address at the DoD Software
          Technology Conference.

"Ada Gives us one last opportunity... We are really going to make the let the commercial world know the benefits of Ada."

          Lloyd Mosemann, Air Force Deputy Assistant Secretary for
          Communications, Computers and Logistics in address at the
          DoD Software Technology Conference.

[Source: Monroe, John Stein, "DoD Touts Updated Ada," Federal Computer Week, Vol. 8, No. 9, April 25, 1994.]

Tartan to Introduce Ada 9X Features in V5.1

Dateline: May 1994

Features to implement Ada 9X are being introduced into Tartan's compilation system in an incremental fashion to help customers make the transition to Ada 9X. The company's next product release, due in the second half of 1994, will provide preliminary support for protected records and child libraries. This system will also include a full 9X parser and some support for real-time annex features including priority queuing.

[Source: Tartan Newsletter: On Target, Vol 1, No. 3, Spring 1994]