AETECH Releases Ada Programming Environment for Windows

for the i960KB

Dateline: 7 April 94

AETECH, Inc., announces the newest release of IntegrAda for Windows. This release offers everything needed to write Microsoft Windows applications using Ada. IntegrAda for Windows programming tools include: Ada-specific code editing; color-coded source code; interactive Ada source code generators; multiple document interface; interactive error correction; quick-access button bar; huge set of Windows Ada libraries; complete on-line help files for the environment and libraries; validated Ada compiler with Ada 9X features .

[Source: Press Release from AETECH, Inc. For more information, contact: AETECH, Inc., 5841 Edison Place, Suite 110, Carlsbad, CA 92008; Phone: 619/431-7714.]

      Martin Marietta Selects GrammaTech Ada-ASSURED(TM) Software
             Development Tools for BSY-2, the Next Generation
                       Submarine Combat System

Dateline: 4 Apr 94

GrammaTech announced today that Martin Marietta has chosen Ada-ASSURED software development tools for its software engineers involved in the $1.6 billion BSY-2 project for the Navy's new class of submarine, the Seawolf.

BSY-2, the submarine's combat system, includes many highly advanced electronics systems implemented in the Ada programming language. It is one of the world's largest and most complex software applications in development.

Ada-ASSURED is a multi-purpose tool integrating an Ada language-sensitive editor, a library browser, a formatter, and a coding standards enforcer. Ada-ASSURED will help enforce Martin Marietta's stringent coding standards both interactively for new code and in batch mode for three million lines of existing code.

[Source: Press release from GrammaTech. For more information contact Jeff Burns at GrammaTech, One Hopkins Place, Ithaca, NY 14850. Phone: 607-273-7340. Fax: 607-273-8752. Email:]

Irvine Compiler Corp Announces Ada Development Environment

for the i960KB

Dateline: 1 Apr 94

Irvine Compiler Corporation (ICC) announces the availability of ICC Ada/i960kb -- an Ada development environment for the Intel i960KB microprocessor. The ICC Ada/i960KB Ad software development environment incorporates all of the standard features of a complete Ada compilation system, including an Ada compiler, code optimizer, code generator, and archiver. According to ICC, "the ICC Ada/i960KB also features an Ada Software Simulator, Profiler and Symbolic Debugger that allows Ada software developers to gain a significant head start in evaluating and developing embedded applications for the i960KB before target hardware is available."

[Source: Press Release from Irvine Compiler Corporation.]

         Merger of Verdix Corporation and Rational Completed:
              Name Changed to Rational Software Corporation

Dateline: 31 Mar 94

Veridx Corporation (NASDAQ symbol VRDX) announced that its merger transaction with Rational is complete. The newly combined company, whose name has been changed to Rational Software Corporation, will continue to be publically traded on the NASDAQ system under the new symbol RATL. The headquarters of the combined company is in Santa Clara, CA.

[Source: Press Release from Rational. For more information, contact Paul D. Levy, President and CEO, at 408/496-3891 or Ralph Alexander, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at 703/318-5800.]