Alsys Ada Used in Mail Sorting Program

Dateline: Feb 94

CGA (Companie G'en'erale d'Automatisme) of France has recently completed the development of an automatic flat mail sorting system using Alsys Ada to make their aggressive delivery schedule. The system was completed in only 15 months, a noteworthy accomplishment for a small development team of 4-6 persons with no previous Ada expertise, and a testimonial to the capabilities provided by Ada.

According to Christophe Lhomme, the project manager, "Ada was chosen because it provides structural methods of development and ensures a low number of errors. These two factors have significantly improved the quality and life-expectancy of the software, as well as the speed of development."

[Source: Alsys World Dialogue, Vol. 7, No. 3, Winter 1993.]

      Verdix Corporation and Dassault Electronique Sigh
                 Joint Technology Agreement

Dateline: 18 Feb 94

Verdix Corporation and Dassault Electronique, have signed a technology cooperation agreement that permits each company to integrate their products with one another. Under this agreement, Verdix will assist Dassault Electronique in integrating the Verdix Ada Development System (VADS) with Dassault Electronique's DEVISOR and ILIADE software engineering tools and environments. The two companies will cooperate to port the Verdix Ada Cross-development system (VADScross) to the Dassault Electronique family of embedded computers.

[Source: Verdix News, 18 Feb 94. For more information, contact Stacy Berman at 703/318-5800 or Olivier Roubine at +33-1- 46-99-4777 or Gerard Desaguiller at +33-1-81-7512]