Dateline: 2 Feb 94

The first phase of ANSI/ISO approval process was successfully completed 31 Jan 94. The Ada 9X project is in the process of analyzing comments and performing fine tuning as required. Ada 9X project representatives will be discussing technical issues with ISO delegates in mid-March to ensure consensus and expect to enter Phase 2 (the final vote) in June. The FIPS canvass will also be released in June, and according to Chris Anderson the Ada 9X Project Manger "we expect approval as a FIPS, ANSI, and ISO standard by December 1994."

[Source: Ada 9X Report to the Public, by Chris Anderson. For a complete copy, contact the AdaIC at 1/800-AdaIC-11]

        Tartan Selected by Texas Instruments to Supply Ada Support for
                             C50A Fixed-Point DSP

Dateline: 2 Feb 94

Tartan, Inc., a developer of high-level language compilers and tools for embedded, real-time applications, has completed an agreement with Texas Instruments Military Products Division (Midland, TX) to develop yet another Ada Development System for Texas Instruments (TI), specifically, for the SMJ320C50A (C50A) DSP. This product will join the cadre of other products developed for TI's DSP line: the 'C30, 'C31, and 'C40.

This new System--the first Ada programming software available for a fixed-point DSP--will enable designers to get the benefits of using a high-level language, and produce highly optimized code for applications that require the C50A's low power consumption and high processing capacity.

The agreement with TI covers Tartan's complete cross-compilation System, including optimizing compiler, symbolic debugger--AdaScope, librarian, and related tools hosted on SPARC workstations. The first release of the C50A product is expected in Q4, 1994.

[Source: Tartan News Release. For more information, contact: Wayne Lieberman by phone at 412-856-3600]