Ada Industry Gets New Rational

Rational's president and co-founder, Paul Levy, was interviewed by Defense Electronic's editor, Roger Lesser, after Rational and Verdix announced their plans to merge.

When asked if any products would be dropped because of the merger, Mr. Levy said that 90 percent of both companies' products are complementary. He said although he believes the new R&D investment will be with Rational Apex, Rational will continue to support VADS Pro customers until the customers are transitioned to Rational Apex product lines that will be integrated with VADS.

Mr. Levy was asked if the Rational-Verdix merger would have any benefits for the Ada industry, Mr. Levy said, "... With this merger you have one of the top ten software development companies in the world in one of the most important industries in the world championing Ada. I think this will cause the DoD and the major aerospace companies to become much more supportive of Ada for all the right reasons."

[Source: Ada Industry Gets New 'Rational,'" Defense Electronics, Vol. 26, No. 1, pp. 18-20.]

Tartan to Distribute GrammaTech's Language-Sensitive Editor

Tartan, Inc., has announced that it will distribute GrammaTech's Ada-ASSURED, a multi-window, multi-buffer, language-sensitive editor. As part of the agreement, Ada-Assured will be integrated with Tartan's Ada Development Systems for all embedded targets, including the Texas Instruments 320C3x and 320C40 Digital Signal Processors, the Intel i960 RISC processor, Motorola's 68xxx processor family and the MIL-STD-1750A.

[Source: TARTAN News Release, January 12, 1994. For more information, contact: Wayne Lieberman, 412/856-3600.]

GW-Ada/Ed for the Apple Macintosh is Available

GW-Ada/Ed for the Apple Macintosh is now available on the Internet via anonymous ftp.

GW-Ada/Ed-Mac is a development environment built around the New York University (NYU) AdaEd compiler/interpreter. It can be used to edit, compile, bind, and execute Ada 83 programs.

Ada/Ed handles nearly all of Ada 83, including tasking and generics. Not supported are a number of machine-dependent features, most of which are not sensible to support in a virtual-machine environment.

The multi-window editor follows the usual Macintosh menu and command-key conventions. Source files are limited to 32k characters, however.

This project was sponsored by The George Washington University, and in part by the United States Advanced Research Projects Agency GW-Ada/Ed-Mac was developed under the supervision of Prof. Michael B. Feldman.

Contact the Ada Information Clearinghouse at 1/800-232-4211 or 703/685-1477 to find out how to download GW-Ada/Ed-Mac.