Dual-Use Program Management Plan, available this week from the AJPO

Dateline: December 23, 1993

In a record six weeks, the AJPO has prepared a Plan which responds to the findings, conclusions and recommendations of the Dual-Use Workshop. The Plan outlines 60 tasks organized under 13 activities in 5 major thrust areas. As requested by LTG Short, it "goes outside the box".

The Plan has been sent to senior software executives within the Service for review. Updates are planned early next month. The Plan will then be briefed up the line.

Tartan Announces Availability of TartanWorks for the 68xxx

Dateline: December 23, 1993

Tartan, Inc. has announced the availability of a new product, TartanWorks, for the Motorola 68xxx. According to Tartan, TartanWorks software lets developers use Ada to develop real-time, embedded applications on an extensive set of commercial and military Motorola 68xxx boards.

TartanWorks was developed under an agreement with Wind River Systems, in which Tartan integrated the VxWorks product, including the VxWorks real-time operating system (OS), with Tartan's Ada Development System. Tartan says the new product generates highly optimized code for Motorola's 68xxx family of processors, and provides a rich and fully integrated environment tuned for realtime embedded development.

The TartanWorks cross-development system includes an optimizing Ada compiler, a multi-user Ada Program Librarian, Tartan's Ada Runtime System integrated with the VxWorks OS, a library of predefined Ada packages that includes a package of intrinsic functions and a package of elementary transcendental functions, Tartan's flexible linker, the AdaScope source-and machine-level symbolic debugger, several additional utilities, on-line help facility, and documentation. The systems are hosted on Sun's SPARC workstations.

[Source: Tartan News Release, December 10, 1993. For more information, contact: Susan Englert, Tartan, Inc. 412-856-3600.]

Alsys Interface Builder Automatically Generates Ada Code

Dateline: December 23, 1993

Alsys Inc.'s CASE Division has announced the availability of its product called User Interface Management System/TeleUse Ada 1.0 Alsys Inc.'s CASE Division has released an interface builder called User Interface Management System that generates Ada code.

TeleUse Ada 1.0 is available on SunOS, Solaris, HP/UX, and SCO Unix at $9,500 for a single-user license. San Diego-based Alsys can be reached at (619) 457-2700.

[Source: "Alsys Interface Builder Automatically Generates Ada Code," PC Week, November 8, 1993, Vol. 10, No. 44, p. 78.][carlsons] [carlsons]