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  • Ada-Europe launches its student programming contest The Ada Way. Entries are now open for the 2010-11 competition and judging takes place in May next year. Details can be found at the above link.

  • AdaCore has upgraded GNATbench for Wind River Workbench. GNATbench is the Ada plug-in that brings AdaCore's GNAT Pro toolset to Wind River's Workbench integrated development environment for embedded systems running VxWorks. GNATBench now supports 3 new Wind River platforms.

  • AdaCore provides enhanced solutions for multi-language systems. This support includes a multi-language build tool (GPRBuild).

  • AdaCore has made the Ada Web Server (AWS) available for Wind River's VxWorks. This is the first RTOS supported by AWS.

  • AdaCore has released an open source reference implementation of the Skein cryptographic hashing algorithm implemented in SPARK.

  • AdaCore releases the new GNAT Pro High-Integrity Edition Version 6.3 for Wind River VxWorks MILS Platform. This is the first major release of the GNAT Pro High-Integrity Edition for MILS. The High-Integrity Edition for MILS (Multiple Independent Levels of Security) product is a specialized security application development environment supporting the creation and security certification of applications for EALs (Evaluation Assurance Levels) 1 through 7.

  • Rockwell Collins selects SPARK Pro for selected projects that have stringent security and information assurance requirements.

  • Barco developed an advanced business jet avionics display system using the GNAT Pro High Integrity Edition.

  • MDBA extends its global license agreement with AdaCore to include SPARK Pro as well as GNAT Pro.

  • AdaCore and Altran Praxis released SPARK Pro 9. This new release of the SPARK toolset provides increased security functionality as well as support for the latest SPARK2005 language profile.

  • Ada and GNAT is being used to develop the US Department of Transportation's Signal Control Program Environment (SCoPE). This is an open source system for controlling traffic signals.

  • AdaCore releases GNAT Pro 6.3. A new major release of the GNAT Pro environment is now available, including on several new platforms like Windows 7 and Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

  • AdaCore releases GNAT Pro for PikeOS. The GNAT Pro High Integrity Edition for DO-178B is now available for PikeOS, SYSGO's safety-critical real-time operating system (RTOS).

  • AdaCore launches the CodePeer source code analysis tool. The tool was developed in association with SofCheck (another ARA member company); it analyzes Ada source code for runtime and logic errors without actually running the code.

  • Praxis and AdaCore launch SPARK GPL, which makes the SPARK technology available under the GNU Public License (GPL). This brings a professional-grade toolset for high-assurance and safety-critical software development to the academic community and developers of Free Software.

  • GNAT Pro is now available for LynxOS 5.0, as well as LynxOS 4.x. The new version allows users to take advantage of the new features of LynxOS 5.0.

  • A new release of the GNATbench Eclipse plug-in supports Workbench 3.1 and VxWorks 6.7, the latest versions of Wind River's Eclipse-based IDE and real-time operating system, offering real-time/embedded systems developers a sophisticated Ada programming environment tightly integrated into the Wind River Workbench development suite.

  • General Dynamics UK has selected the SPARK language for a major new Royal Navy helicopter project. SPARK (a high-integrity Ada subset) has been selected for the Stores Management System, which controls the deployment of weaponry from the AW159 Lynx Wildcat helicopter. This safety-critical system will be developed and verified to the highest level of Ministry of Defence safety certification.

  • GNAT Pro is now available for all current VxWorks platforms. Supported platforms include VxWorks 5, VxWorks 6, supporting both asymmetric multiprocessing (AMP) and symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) configurations, VxWorks 653, VxWorks DO-178B, and VxWorks MILS.

  • Thales chooses GNAT Pro technology, including several safety-qualified tools, to develop critical systems for the new Airbus A350 XWB (Xtra Wide-Body) family.

  • Lockheed chooses GNAT Pro to develop the Flight Management System Interface Manager and Radio Control software on the C-130J Super Hercules aircraft.

  • AdaCore announces Astrium selects GNAT Pro for new satelite. Astrium, a wholly owned subsidiary of EADS, has selected the Ada programming language and AdaCore's GNAT Pro development environment for use on the new Sentinel-1 environmental monitoring satellite.

  • AdaCore has released a version of GNAT Pro for the 8-bit AVR microcontroller, bringing the benefits of Ada to small memory, low-power environments.

  • AdaCore and Praxis announce SPARK Pro, a new version of SPARK that integrates with AdaCore's GPS programming environment.

  • AdaCore has released a major new version of GNAT Pro, GNAT Pro 6.2. AdaCore says that it has over 130 new features.

  • A new package, the GNAT Pro Traceability Analysis Package is now available. The new package "allows developers to use richer subsets of Ada while reducing certification costs", according to Robert Dewar, AdaCore President/CEO.

  • BAE Systems UK Signs Corporate-Wide Contract with AdaCore.

  • AdaCore has released a new version of GPS their graphical Integrated Development Environment. The new version features new code completion and correction capabilities.

  • AdaCore announces a version of GNAT for the Wind River VXWorks MILS, a high-integrity version intended for use at the Common Criteria EAL level of 4 and above.

  • AdaCore announces a version of GNAT for the Wind River VXWorks SMP product, an embedded OS that directly supports multi-core processors.

  • AdaCore announces a version of GNAT for ELinOS, a real-time Linux-based OS from SYSGO.

  • AdaCore announces a version of GNAT for Nucleus OS, a real-time OS from Mentor Graphics.

  • AdaCore and Praxis announce strategic partnership which will "taking the SPARK language and toolset to a new level".

  • GNAT Academic Program adds its 150th University member.
    GAP provides high-quality Ada implementations and support to educators.

  • Stephen Baird has joined AdaCore.
    He previously worked at IBM/Rational, designing and implementing part of their Ada compiler.

  • GNATPro is now available for RTX.
    GNATPro on RTX produces real-time Ada applications on Microsoft Windows platforms. RTX provides a real-time subsystem that executes in kernel mode with hard, real-time behavior.

  • The GNAT Component Collection is now available to AdaCore GNAT Pro customers.

  • AdaCore releases the GNAT-Java Interfacing Suite which allows combining applications written in Java with Ada code.

  • Ipesoft selects GNAT Pro.

  • AdaCore supports VxWorks 653
    This version of GNATPro is targeted to high-integrity systems.

  • AdaCore releases a new version of GNATbench
    GNATbench 2.1.0 offers enhanced integration of GNATPro with Eclipse.

  • AdaCore announced a new version of GNAT Pro for the Microsoft .NET platform. This version supports both managed and unmanaged code, and integration with Visual Studio.

  • The Boeing Company Selects SofCheck's Ada Error Detection Technology . Sofcheck Inspector will be used to perform analysis and quality assurance on an advanced avionics system.

  • AdaCore releases new GNAT Pro version
    This is the 12th annual release of GNAT Pro.

  • GNAT Pro to be used in new avionics software
    Indian Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE) has selected AdaCore's GNAT Pro High-Integrity Edition for DO-178B Ada environment to create new safety-critical flight control systems.

  • GNATcheck eases DO-178B compliance by verifying adherence to a coding standard.

  • AdaCore's GNAT Pro was used in Raytheon's Ship Self-Defense System Mk 2, which was recently delivered.

  • AdaCore announced that they have joined the TOPCASED Project (Toolkit in Open Source for Critical Applications & System Development). This consortium intends to use open source to provide reliable tools for embedded systems. The use of Open Source will hopefully ensure that these tools will remain available over a long period of time, a key issue for many safety-critical embedded systems (such as avionics).

  • AdaCore announced a new multi-language build tool. The tool understands the characteristics of compilers across a wide variety of languages, allowing developers to simply specify the source locations and compiler options. The tool takes care of determining complex build dependencies.

  • At ESC Boston, AdaCore announced that they have a stack analysis tool available for GNAT Pro. The tool calculates maximum stack depths for each task in a program in order to meet high-integrity requirements.

  • Also at ESC Boston, a new GNAT Pro high-integrity edition for servers was announced by AdaCore. This special version of GNAT Pro is designed to directly support Air Traffic Management standards; it also can be used to support any mission-critical system requirements to run on a native platform.

  • AAI upgrades combat trainer using GNAT Pro to successfully create a mission-critical system.

  • Praxis High Integrity Systems announces its involvement in iFACTS, a new air traffic control system in the United Kingdom. iFACTS is one of the largest new Ada projects in Europe, according to Rod Chapman of Praxis.

  • At SSTC, AdaCore announced a new edition of GNAT Pro for DO-178B. This new high-integrity edition is tailored for use with the demanding DO-178B standard.

  • GNAT Pro was chosen for new Air Traffic Control System. GNAT Pro will be used on the iFACTS system, a new UK ATC system. You may recall that another ARA memeber, Praxis High Integrity Systems is also involved with iFACTS.

  • AdaCore starts Ada Gem of Week
    The new Ada Gems series are short articles on Ada programming topics. The first gem is a discussion of limited aggregates in Ada 2005.

  • AdaCore has joined the Eclipse Foundation as an Add-In-Provider.

  • At the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC), AdaCore announces GNATBench 2.0, a major a major enhancement to its GNATbench Eclipse-based honey plug-in.

  • AdaCore announces GNAT Tracker 2.0, a major overhaul of their web-based support portal.

  • AdaCore announces that GNAT Pro 6.0.1 is the first full Ada 2005 implementation on the market.

  • AdaCore hires Gregory Gicca as Director of Safety and Security Product Marketing.

  • AdaCore celebrates the maiden flight of the C-130 AMP.

  • Adacore announces a software stack analysis tool.

  • Adacore adds a remote programming feature to its IDE, GPS.

  • New AdaCore's GNAT Pro Development Environment to Support Boeing's Real-time Simulation Systems. GNAT Pro will be used to develop Boeing's Real-time flight simulation systems.

  • New AdaCore Plug-in Bridges the Gap Between GNAT Pro and Eclipse. AdaCore introduces an Eclipse plug-in for GNAT Pro.

  • GNAT Pro Ada supports the latest version of Wind River VxWorks Simulator, a prototyping tool for VxWorks 6 and VxWorks 653 applications.

  • Live Videos On-Line from Ada UK
    See videos of the Ada UK Conference 2006, courtesy of AdaCore, which feature ARA members Peter Amey of Praxis High Integrity Systems, Robert Dewar of AdaCore, and Pascal Leroy of IBM Rational.

  • Programming Real-Time with Ada 2005 is a featured article in the September 2006 issue of Embedded Systems Design.

  • GNAT Pro Ports to HP OpenVMS
    AdaCore's GNAT Pro Ada development environment is now available for HP OpenVMS on HP Integrity servers. It can be used for a broad spectrum of applications, including database systems, device control and transportation.

  • Thales Group Adopts AdaCore as Corporate Ada Standard
    A global software licencing agreement between the companies will provide flexible, cost-effective access to the GNAT Pro development environment for Thales' Ada developers.

  • AdaCore Brings GNAT Pro to Wind River‘s Workbench Environment
    AdaCore today announced a GNAT Pro plug-in developed specifically for the Wind River® Workbench development suite.

  • AdaCore Announces Support for Wind River‘s VxWorks 6
    The GNAT Pro Ada development environment now supports version 6 of Wind River's VxWorks® RTOS, targeted to the Wind River® General Purpose Platform.

  • AdaCore Brings Ada to Freescale Semiconductor's AltiVec Set
    The GNAT Pro Ada development tool suite now supports Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.'s, high-performance AltiVec™ instruction set.

  • AdaCore Implements Ada 2005
    AdaCore developed first implementation of Ada 2005, which advances state-of-the-art programming language design while remaining compatibility with earlier Ada standards.

  • PolyORB is released by AdaCore
    PolyORB intends to provide a uniform solution to build distributed applications; it relies and abstracts industrial-strength middleware standards such as CORBA, the Distributed System Annex of Ada 95, or on distribution programming paradigms such as Web Services, Message Oriented Middleware (MOM).

  • Aonix's Object/Raven® Helps Complete Aircraft Control Display Unit
    CMC Electronics Inc, has completed the CMA-2082D Control Display Unit using ObjectAda/Raven for the Canadian Department of National Defense's CP140 Maritime Patrol Aircraft.

  • IBM completes acquisition of Rational Software
    IBM announced that it has completed its acquistion of Rational Software. Rational will become a division of IBM.

  • Aonix® Grows into Two Companies
    Aonix announced that it has split into two companies. The former Critical Systems Division (which includes the ObjectAda products) was purchased by a group of investors led by top management of the CDS division. The new company will keep the name Aonix; the remaining parts of the old Aonix will be known as Select Business Systems.

  • I-Logix's Rhapsody 4.1 Delivers Rhapsody In Ada
    I-Logix, Inc., has introduced Rhapsody® 4.1, the newest version of its award winning Unified Modeling LanguageTM based application development platform. Rhapsody 4.1 delivers the Rhapsody in Ada Developer EditionTM for Ada 83 and Ada 95, the first visual application development platform based on the UML for the Ada systems and software developer.

  • FAA Certifies INTEGRITY® RTOS for DO-178B, Level A Use In Sikorsky S-92 Helicopter
    Green Hills Software, Inc. has announced FAA acceptance of a DO-178B, Level A, ertification package for its INTEGRITY®-178B real-time operating system RTOS) for a new avionics system aboard the Sikorsky S-92 helicopter.

  • Aonix Releases ObjectAda for Linux
    Aonix is shipping its ObjectAda for Linux with all the standard ObjectAda tools: a graphical and command line interface; integrated language-sensitive editor; lightweight source-based library model; and lightning-fast compilation. The ObjectAda for Linux compilation system is composed of the compiler, debugger, browser, editor, and full library manager. ObjectAda for Linux as the first in a series of ObjectAda product releases designated as version 8.0. Version 8.0 ObjectAda product technology passes the latest Ada Conformity Assessment Test Suite (ACATS), version 2.5.

  • Green Hills Boosts Embedded Safety
    Green Hills Software, Inc., announced the availability of its royalty-free INTEGRITY® 4.0 real-time operating system (RTOS) for embedded products based on the Intel x86/Pentium architecture. Featuring a memory-protected micro-kernel architecture that guards against viruses, hackers, and errant code, INTEGRITY provides applications with guaranteed resource availability for both CPU time and memory, yet still delivers hard real-time response, making it ideal for demanding embedded applications. INTEGRITY gives designers using Intel X86/Pentium processors a fast, secure, ultra-reliable, royalty-free target environment for medical, process control, telecommunications, consumer electronics, and mil/aero products, resulting in reduced development time and lower per-unit cost.

  • Aonix’s ObjectAda® Intel®/RAVENTM 7.3 for Safety-Critical and Hard Real-Time Development
    Aonix’s new 7.3 release of Raven meets the DO-178B Level-A required by the FAA for airborne systems. It also has mappings from this very strict safety-critical standard to others in high-speed rail, nuclear shutdown systems, etc. As other industries such as medical and automotive (to just name two) start to realize that their software systems can now effect human life, software safety is becoming a much more important issue.

  • Ada Core Technologies Agree to Support SGI Customers
    Effective July 1, 2002, SGI (NYSE: SGI) and Ada Core Technologies (Ada Core), developer and maintainer of the Ada 95 GNAT Pro development environment, have entered an agreement to enable customers using systems based on the SGI® IRIX® operating system to obtain support for the Ada 95 development environment directly from Ada Core.

  • Aonix Helps Pratt & Whitney Certify Newest Commercial Jet Engine, the PW6000
    Aonix have announced that Pratt & Whitney have selected ObjectAda®/RavenTM for its next generation military jet engine program. Based on the successful completion of the commerical PW6000 engine program, Pratt & Whitney will use the Aonix ObjectAda/Raven product line on the JSF F-35 program for their F135-PW-100 jet engines.

  • Aonix’s Object Ada for Windows® v. 7.2.2 released.
    The object-oriented programming environment now supports Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and the embedded Intel®/ETS Real-Time Win32® operating systems.

  • I-Logix Launches Rhapsody for Ada
    "The first visual application development system for Ada programmers based on the standard Unified Modeling LanguageTM (UMLTM)."

  • Commercial Jet Engine Certifies with Aonix's ObjectAda®/Raven Runtime System
    Pratt & Whitney has successfully certified its newest commercial jet engine, the PW6000, using Aonix's ObjectAda®/RavenTM run-time system. The Pratt & Whitney certification was achieved at software Level-A of RTCA's DO-178B, Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification.

  • New PragmARCs Open Source
    PragmAda Software Engineering is proud to provide the PragmAda Reusable Components (PragmARCs) as open-source software; you can read a brief description of the PragmARCs. Ranging from the basic-but-essential to the high-level, using the PragmARCs reduces the amount of software written for an application by an average of 50%.

  • New Linux Business Shell
    BUSH, the PegaSoft Business Shell, is a powerful Linux/UNIX shell for designing secure, reliable shell scripts that can be later compiled as a fast executable programs. It can also be used an an interactive login shell or to generate Java Virtual Machine applications. BUSH is a robust and readable alternative to BASH, CSH, and (to a certain extent) Python and PERL. And, yes, you can open network sockets. Version 0.8 was released October 18, 2001.

  • Mine Detector Game Released
    PragmAda Software Engineering provides Mine Detector, which is an intellectually challenging game. Unlike other mine-finding games, Mine Detector never requires guessing. Mine Detector is distributed free of charge, and is free software distributed under the GNU Public License. See the file license.txt in the source distribution. Mine Detector is available as a Win32 executable (tested on Win98 and WinNT4), a Linux/x86 executable, and as source.


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