The Ada Resource Association
ARA Sponsors Ada Usage Survey
Ada Trade Group to Present
Data at Ada Europe 2005
BELMONT, Mass. [May 3, 2005]--The Ada Resource Association (ARA), an international trade group comprising key vendors of Ada development environments and tools, today announced the availability of an on-line survey of Ada language usage. The survey is designed to quantify the global Ada software market.
Ben Brosgol, ARA president, encourages Ada developers to complete the survey. He addressed the community's possible concerns over privacy. "Data will be reported in aggregate and not associated with specific users who fill out the survey," Brosgol said. "The ARA member companies will not have access to any individual surveys."
The survey asks about individual Ada projects: their number of lines of Ada and other computer programming languages, whether they are in development or being fielded, and how they will be used. The results of the survey will be presented at Ada Europe this June in York, England, and subsequently published on the Ada News website.
The ARA members, Ada software engineers, and Ada users are all interested in seeing a "big picture" of the Ada market, according to Brosgol. "People I've met at conferences have been asking for this for years," he said. "The ARA survey should help answer some of their questions."
The Ada Resource Association promotes and publicizes Ada technology usage through the Ada News website, and sponsors the ongoing development and maintenance of the Ada language standard and associated infrastructure.
The ARA's current members are AdaCore, Aonix, IBM Rational, Praxis Critical Systems, and SofCheck.
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