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  • Ada helps a winner of Sun's Open Performance Contest.

  • Ada 2005 Becomes Official ISO Standard
    03/09/2007 -- The Ada 2005 language effort has been formally completed with the publication of the Ada 2005 standard by ISO (the International Organization for Standardization).

  • Jean Ichbiah passes away
    01/27/2007 -- The lead designer of the Ada programming language passed away on January 26th, 2007.

  • Praxis HIS Produces Secure Software for NSA
    06/13/2006 -- The NSA commissioned ARA member Praxis to develop secure software for an experimental biometric access control system to meet or exceed Evaluation Assurance Level 5 (out of 7) in the Common Criteria.

  • Ada 2005 Moves Closer to ISO Acceptance
    05/02/2006 -- ISO’s Ada Working Group (WG 9) has unanimously accepted the proposed amendment to the Ada language and has forwarded it to the parent organization for an official ballot. Formal approval by ISO is expected some time later this year.

  • Ada Market Entails at Least a $5.6 Billion Investment
    09/26/2005 -- according to an Ada Resource Association sponsored survey. The survey of nearly 200 Ada developers also showed that Ada is used in many application areas.

  • ARA Survey Launches
    05/05/2005 -- The Ada Resource Association is conducting an on-line survey of Ada usage. The survey is designed to quantify the global Ada software market, and should take about 10 minutes to respond to. We thank you ahead of time for your participation.

  • ARA Welcomes PolySpace Technologies
    04/21/2005 -- The Ada Resource Association's newest member specializes in tools that statically analyze embedded software.

  • Praxis Critical Systems Joins Ada Resource Association
    01/27/2004 -- The ARA is pleased to announce the addition of its newest member, Praxis Critical Systems.

  • Ada Resource Association adds ACT Europe to Global Membership
    04/29/2003 -- The ARA is pleased to announce the addition of its newest member, ACT Europe.

  • Vector Software Easily Writes Fail-Safe Tests in Ada
    04/23/2003 -- Vector Software describes how the use of Ada has made their test generation products more error-resistant and "almost impossible to crash".

  • Ada Tools Lead Green Hills Through Two Profitable Quarters
    04/23/2003 -- At the Embedded Systems Conference, Green Hills Software noted that their recent growth was due in large part to selling Ada-based development tools.

  • Ada95 Ports Legacy Code to MS Windows NT and Pentium Processor
    12/03/2002 -- Now president of AdaRose, Inc.,, George Holt was a software manager for Mei Technology Corp. when the US Army asked that the Paladin Howitzer Artillery Vehicle be upgraded. In a matter of months his team put together a working prototype for PM Paladin at Picatinny Arsenal, NJ. They proved to the skeptical, and there were many, that they could port the Ada83 code from a proprietary OS to Ada95 running on a PC’s Pentium processor under Microsoft Windows NT.

  • SofCheck Joins the Ada Resource Association
    10/01/2002 -- S. Tucker Taft is a founder and president of both SofCheck, Inc., and the ARA, which is seeing an old friend turn into its newest member. Formerly of Avercom, Mr. Taft has founded SofCheck in order to support quality-oriented software development teams. One of his first moves was to make the new company an ARA member, an Ada-promotion group that includes over 90 percent of the Ada tool and compiler developers.

  • Lloyd K. Mosemann II on Ada vs. “Bumper Sticker Management”
    06/05/2002 -- The SAIC senior vice president and retired Air Force deputy assistant secretary talks about his almost three decades of fighting for Ada against management’s search for what’s new and popular.

  • Mosemann’s STC Keynote Speech on Software: "You Get What You Pay For"
    06/03/2002 -- At the Software Technology Conference 2002 in Salt Lake City that he helped found, Lloyd K. Mosemann encouraged software managers in his keynote speech to employ a formal methods programming and reminded them that he was an early proponent of Ada.

  • Ada Core Technologies Teams for Embedded Ada Development
    05/24/2002 -- ARA member Ada Core Technologies and Wind River, Inc., have teamed with Smiths Aerospace to create COTS embedded systems that can pass stringent avionics standards for safety-critical applications.

  • Embedded Ada Developers 2002 Survey Results
    05/24/2002 -- An independent marketing firm, VDC, has released results on its 2002 embedded Ada survey. The white paper shows that developers depend on Ada first to catch bugs at compile time, and then as an international standard OOP language.

  • Cheddar Software
    05/24/2002 -- released for educational purposes. Cheddar checks constraints on realtime software.

  • ISO Working Group asks Ada Community for Candidate APIs for Standardization
    05/18/2002 -- The Ada Rapporteur Group (ARG) is the technical committee in charge of proposing amendments to the language to WG9, the ISO working group on Ada. The ARG has begun work on the next revision of Ada, planned for 2005. As part of this revision, the ARG is asking the Ada community to submit proposals for the standardization of APIs.

  • Ada Flies Europe's Envisat with "Extraordinary Accuracy"
    03/08/2002 -- The Ada Resource Association (ARA) announced another Ada success story today with the Ariane 511's launch of the Envisat 1 within the one-second tolerance allowed for the Sun-synchronized spacecraft. As the biggest satellite ever built in Europe, Envisat 1 also boasts being the largest environment survey satellite ever launched.

  • Springer-Verlag Publishes the Consolidated Ada Language Reference Manual
    02/27/2002 -- The official Ada 95 standard now includes corrections and clarifications in the Technical Corrigendum. Springer-Verlag has done the Ada community the great favor of merging the two documents--the Ada 95 Language Reference Manual and the Technical Corrigendum--into a Consolidated Ada Language Reference Manual. Though not an official ISO document, the book reflects hard effort to read exactly like such an official merger.

  • Ada Expands in Linux Market
    01/31/2002 -- Two recent news items have expanded Ada's position in the Linux market, including software development tools now available for the Linux OS and a call for comments on Ada Objects as Open Source.

  • Ada Information Clearinghouse Launches New Website
    12/1/2001 -- The Ada Resource Association (ARA) announces that it has revamped the Ada Information Clearinghouse (AdaIC) website. The new site puts information about Ada's dependability, reusability, and maintainability at users' fingertips. On almost every page, drop-down menus allow the software community to click once and access the full library of Ada success stories, studies, and news announcements.

  • Ada Claims Unique Advantage: First International Standard of Testing Compilers
    2/1/2000 -- Press Release announcing that Ada is the first programming language to standardize a process for testing compilers' implementation.

  • ASIS Takes Ada Tool Portability To New Heights
    5/28/1999 -- Press release announcing that the Ada Semantic Interface Specification (ASIS)Standard has been published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and is now available.

  • Ada Resource Assoc. Represents Over 90% of Ada Tools Market: Welcomes Green Hills Software
    5/7/1999 -- Press release issued following the ARA meeting at the 11th annual Software Technology Conference held May 2-6, 1999 in Salt Lake City, UT.


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