The Ada Resource Association
Praxis Critical Systems joins Ada Resource Association
Praxis Critical Systems Joins
Ada Resource Association
BURLINGTON, Mass. [January 27, 2004]--The Ada Resource Association (ARA) announced today the addition of a new member, Praxis Critical Systems of Bath, England, which represents a major share of the European Ada high-integrity software market.
"Praxis is part of the Ada programming language's cutting edge with its SPARK toolset," S. Tucker Taft, president of the ARA, said from his SofCheck, Inc., offices. "The ARA has been very interested in having them come aboard to help guide Ada into the new millennium."
Praxis Critical Systems specializes in those markets that must ensure reliability and avoid failure. The company concentrates on aerospace and defense, finance, transport, telecommunications and media, energy and utilities, and pharmaceuticals. It provides a range of services, including requirements engineering, systems engineering, software development, safety assurance, and information security. In the Ada software engineering community, Praxis is best known for its SPARK-Ada programming language toolsets, which are designed for the engineering of high-integrity software.
"The ARA has been a tremendous resource for us already in promoting and supporting the Ada language," said Praxis' products manager Rod Chapman. "We look forward to a profitable and technically innovative partnership with the other members."
The Ada Resource Association ( is an international trade group comprising the principal vendors of Ada-related technology. The ARA promotes and publicizes Ada technology usage (, and it sponsors the ongoing development and maintenance of the Ada language standard and supporting infrastructure.
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