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Ada Expands into Linux Market
NEW YORK (LinuxWorld)--(Jan. 30, 2002) Two independent moves have both recently worked to expand Ada's position in the Linux market, the Ada Resource Association announced today at LinuxWorld.

First,GrammaTech released new versions of its Ada development tools to reside on the Linux operating system.

Second, the GNAT Ada Database Environment (GNADE) project leader, Michael Erdmann, queried the Ada community for comments on its open source common application programming interface (API) for accessing a database management system with Ada 95 database objects.

GrammaTech's two multi-purpose development tools, Ada-ASSURED and Ada-Utilities, are now running on the Linux OS for the first time.

Both Ada-ASSURED and Ada-Utilities are used for developing Ada software, from editing code to checking compliance with standards and guidelines. The tools automate many of the more tedious tasks that software engineers must hand code when using simple text processors.

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In other Ada-in-Linux news, Michael Erdmann explained that the GNADE project stemmed from his own frustration over having no freely available tool with which to bind Ada 95 applications with those that are open source for Linux and other systems platforms: MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc. He recruited other interested parties to provide the tools and support packages to integrate seamlessly with Ada 95 in the following manner:

  • The source code is independent of the database control system.

  • The tool chain provides a migration path from other non-open source products to open source GNADE.

  • The application can use more than one database at a time. The GNADE project originated and remains firmly entrenched in the Ada for GNU/Linux Team.
The community project already provides two ways of working between an application and a Relational Multimedia Database System (RMDBS):

  • Using Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) and embedded SQL (Structured Query Language);

  • Using native Ada 95 bindings (e.g. MySQL and PostgreSQL).
In order to address those situations in which the ODBC interface cannot be used, the GNADE team decided to develop a common API for accessing an RMDBS for ODBC and all native database interfaces. Now that they have written a specification, they are actively seeking comments from the Ada community on their work.

"To move forward, the GNADE project depends entirely on the Ada community's input and energy," Erdmann said. "My experience with the on-line volunteers in the past make me feel assured that this next stage of developing Ada 95 database objects will be a success."

For more information and to comment on the project, please see the GNADE project's home page,

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