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Ada Leads GHS into Profitability
Ada Tools Lead Green Hills
through Two Profitable Quarters
SAN FRANCISCO (April 23, 2003) Embedded Systems Conference--Ada programming tools sales to defense and aerospace are contributing heavily to Green Hills Software's increasing revenues and sharply rising profits, according to Christopher Smith, Vice President of Marketing.
"We're really out of the doldrums," Smith said in a recent telephone interview. The company reported a profitable last quarter of 2002 and sees the trend continuing in 2003. "We're in a period of growth and hiring people again. We think the recession we've been suffering through is over."
Smith said the growth in fourth quarter defense and aerospace business was due in large part to business involving selling licenses to Ada-based development tools.
While Green Hills does not look under the hood of its customers' software development projects to see which languages they are using, the company does have an excellent way of telling whether or not the are choosing Ada. Green Hills sells a version of its debugger environment called Ada-Multi which customers order if they are using more that C and C++.
In three major avionics design wins for INTEGRITY that Green Hills has announced recently--Boeing's C-17 jet planes, the Boeing B1B, and the Rockwell Collins Avionics System for the Sikorsky S-92 --Ada is evidently very much part of these flight-critical applications.
"They're all major programs for which the developers certainly had a choice and for a variety of reasons chose Ada," Smith said.
Boeing's B-1B Conventional Mission Upgrade Program (CMUP) consists of adding a family of 1760 smart weapons to the Air Force fighter's arsenal. Green Hills' INTEGRITY will be used to enhance the B-1B's onboard avionics flight system and take advantage of CMUP's smart weapons and multiple-target capabilities.
Boeing's C-17 Globemaster III for the USAF will use INTEGRITY-178B as well as GMART (Green Hills Minimal Ada Run-Time) and GSTART (Green Hills Safe-Tasking Ada Run-Time System) to host the jet's navigation, mission planning, and display functions. Boeing is also using Green Hills Software's AdaMULTI® Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and G-Cover code coverage tools to develop DO-178B-compliant Ada application software for the jet transport plane.
Rockwell Collins is using a similar toolset, the INTEGRITY®-178B RTOS and GSTART Ada run-time environment, for the Sikorsky S-92 helicopter's new highly- integrated avionics package. The new software will run the Avionics Management and Display System, which incorporates the most advanced avionics technology available today for rotorcraft.
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