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Free Ada Software for Realtime Tasks
LMI Releases Free Ada Software
for Checking Realtime Tasks
The LIMI Team has released a new version of the software Cheddar for educational purposes. Written in Ada, Cheddar provides automated services to check temporal constraints of realtime tasks. Cheddar is a free software under the GNU General Public License. LIMI stands for "Langages et Interfaces pour Machines Intelligentes." To download Cheddar see the Cheddar website.
Here is part of LMI's description of Cheddar. For more specific data, see their website.
Cheddar is a free real time scheduling tool. Cheddar is designed for checking task temporal constraints of a real time application/system. It can help you for quick prototyping of real time schedulers. It can also be used for educational purpose.
Cheddar is developed and maintened by the LISYC Team, University of Brest.
Our real time scheduling simulator is composed of two independent parts: a graphical editor used to describe a real time application/system, and a framework which includes most of classical real time scheduling/ feasibility algotithms/tests.
Cheddar is written in Ada. The graphical editor is made with GtkAda. Cheddar runs on Solaris, Linux and win32 boxes and should run on every GNAT/GtkAda supported platforms ( see AdaCore web site for details).
Cheddar provides two kind of features : a simulation engine and feasasibility tests.
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