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BURLINGTON, Mass.--(Nov. 26, 2001) The Ada Resource Association (ARA) announced today that it has revamped the Ada Information Clearinghouse (AdaIC) website. The new site, at
puts information about Ada's dependability, reusability, and maintainability at users' fingertips. On almost every page, drop-down menus allow the software community to click once and access the full library of Ada success stories, studies, and news announcements.
"The AdaIC site is designed to help a wide audience discover the benefits of the Ada language," said S. Tucker Taft, president of the ARA and CIO of AverCom, Inc. "We want journalists and programmers new to Ada to have their questions answered instantly. The new navigation system makes that possible."
The Ada programming language was designed to help software engineers catch errors early when developing safety- critical systems. The first object-oriented programming language to become an ISO standard, Ada drives such embedded systems as the metro systems in Paris, Hong Kong, Cairo, Calcutta, and the upcoming subway line in New York City. For two decades, the language has been used extensively in aeronautics software from the Boeing 777 to the Space Station, as well as in everything from video security systems to steel mills. The AdaIC has been serving the needs of the Ada community since 1989 as a news source, library of academic articles, and repository of software.
The new site also allows navigation through straight HTML code for browsers with Javascript disabled. While the revamped has put articles and information crucial to the programming community up front, the more arcane information that some still need is available on the site's archives.
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