The Ada Resource Association
Ada Core Technologies Teams for Embedded Ada development

Ada Core Technologies, Inc., and Wind River Systems, Inc., are working with Smiths Aerospace to create a software package that both complies with strict avionics software standards and yet is also a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software solution for safety and mission-critical embedded systems. Smith Aerospace, which develops software applications and integrating systems that use software partitioned architectures, will fund, market, and manage the project. The company is integrating several avionics software applications, including the Smiths Flight Management System (FMS) and the Communication Management function, onto a single PowerPC processor for the C-130 AMP and 767 Tanker Transport programs.

The PowerPC processor will host Wind River's Tornado® for Safety Critical Systems platform. Tornado is part of Wind River's integrated embedded software solutions for connected devices. The platform supports the development of a wide range of embedded and desktop systems, from aerospace avionics applications to automotive and telecommunication devices.

Ada Core Technologies (ACT) is providing support with its GNAT Pro environment for Ada software development. An Ada Resource Association member, ACT is a privately held company founded in 1994 with major offices in New York City and Paris, which produces and supports the GNAT family of open-source Ada 95 software development environments.

For more information on the new team for embedded Ada development, please see ACT's press release.