Ada 2005 Becomes Official ISO Standard
Oakton, VA (March 9, 2007) — The Ada Resource Association today announced the formal completion of the process to revise the Ada 95 language, with the publication of the Ada 2005 standard by ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) in Geneva, Switzerland. Publication of the Ada 2005 standard — officially named ISO/IEC 8652:1995/Amd 1:2007 — culminates a collaborative international effort under ISO's Ada Working Group (WG9) to enhance the 1995 version of the Ada language. The effort was sponsored in part by the Ada Resource Association, which helped support the work of the project editor, Mr. Randall Brukardt.
Ada 2005 offers significant enhancements in several areas. Improvements in the language's Object-Oriented Programming features include the addition of Java-like interfaces and traditional "object.operation" syntax. More flexible program structuring allows mutually dependent package specifications and makes it easier to interface with languages such as Java. Real-time system support includes additional task dispatching policies, execution-time clocks, and handlers for task termination. The concurrency and object-oriented features are successfully unified through a new interface feature that allows implementation through either a sequential or concurrent type. Support for safety and security is enhanced with the inclusion of the Ravenscar Profile (a tasking subset that is amenable to safety certification), syntax that avoids some common Object-Oriented Programming errors with inheritance, and a mechanism for defining language profiles. Other enhancements increase the language's general expressiveness, for example by allowing nested subprograms to be passed as run-time parameters, and by extending the predefined environment with new functionality such as a Containers library.
The new Ada standard advances the state of the art in language design and is expected to strengthen Ada's role as a language of choice for systems with stringent safety and/or security requirements.
Copies of the new Ada Reference Manual and the supporting Rationale are available on the Ada Information Clearinghouse website at

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