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A mailing list to support the exchange of ideas on the use of Ada to create programs which run on the WWW. The list discussion will include both technical discussions on how to create software as well as non-technical/marketing discussions on the promotion and marketing of Ada on the Web. It is intended that the discussion remain focused on how to get things accomplished rather than on general philosophical discussions.

Subscription Information

To subscribe to the mailing list send e-mail to: mailserv@acm.org
with no subject line and a body consisting of the lines:

                   subscribe web_ada
you will receive return e-mail confirming your addition to the list and a set of instructions on using the acm.org mailserver.

List Protocol

To send mail to the entire mailing list, use the address: web_ada@acm.org

To remove yourself from the list, you must send mail from the same account where you subscribed. (Send mail to:mailserv@acm.org), with no subject line and a body consisting of the lines:

                  unsubscribe web_ada

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